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Looking for signs of a McPalin victory, American Thinker finds a strong PUMA presence

Well, there is another story out there that the MSM refuses to address.  A huge story.  One that could, and I think will, significantly affect the outcome of this race.  I’m referring to the widespread phenomenon of registered Democrats openly supporting John McCain.  There are numerous “Democrats for McCain” type organizations.  There are numerous websites and blogs written by Democrats touting McCain’s candidacy.  There are pro-McCain grassroots efforts being led by Democrats.  And we all know friends or relatives who are Democrats, who voted for John Kerry in 2004, and who are no fans of President Bush – but who are going to vote for John McCain this year.
even a shout out by name:
Who are these pro-McCain Democratic voters?  They overwhelmingly tend to be former Hillary supporters.  Perhaps the most well-known of these voters are the “PUMAs” – which stands for Party Unity My Ass.  These are Hillary supporters who are adamantly opposed to Obama.  Let’s not forget that during the Democratic primaries – real elections, not polls – Hillary crushed Obama among white working-class and middle-class voters in such key states as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  If a meaningful number of these voters end up voting for McCain, as I predict they will, then Obama’s smooth road to the White House is going to run smack into a brick wall.
Lots of relevant anecdotal evidence follows.
Minus a really important one:
80% hang-up rate on pollsters is a poll in itself.

NY Post

Thirteen campaign workers for Barack Obama yesterday yanked their voter registrations and ballots in Ohio after being warned by a prosecutor that temporary residents can’t vote in the battleground state.

Irony alert:

he letter – a copy of which was obtained by, a Fox News affiliate – came a day after prosecutor Ron O’Brien publicly urged out-of-state campaign workers for both Obama and John McCain to “examine your conscience” before the elections board beings begins opening absentee ballots today.

I can only say to that: ha!Ha! Got ACORN?

After SCOTUS intervening in Ohio, conscience – or democracy for that matter has nothing to do with voting in that state – at least.

McCain ad:

When was this poll taken?

Was it taken  October 2008?

May 2008?

February 2008?

If you guessed already, the answer is at the link and may give some pause about when exactly the fix was in in this election.

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