After that stunning poll inΒ  Military Times , here are the consequences:

Fairfax Virginia is tossing their votes away

Military ballots are being tossed in Fairfax Co, VA because of a “technicality.”

You should have stayed quiet, guys. Like the 80% who hang up on pollsters.

Fairfax general registrar Rokey Suleman said Thursday that he has had to reject some of the ballots because of a Virginia law passed in 2002. That law — then called Senate Bill 113, sponsored by then state Sen. Bill Bolling — requires that when an overseas citizen wants to request an absentee ballot and cast a vote with the same paperwork, it requires not only a witness signature but also the current address of the witness.

Aparently, the ballots themselves were not changed for the new requirements

The McCain campaign said there’s not even a space for the witness to list an address. Suleman agreed; he said the federal document was changed in recent years and the space for the witness address was removed. But the Virginia law hasn’t changed.

In other words, the soldiers made no mistakes on their ballot, the state did. The soldiers are just paying for it. Or rather for voting for the wrong candidate.

I am actually surprised to read this from Mark Ambinder

Democrats insist they’re biased towards access… so will they try to intervene on behalf of these voters?

I think not. You’re out of luck soldiers. out there fighting , instead of having messy ballots by ACORN…plus of course, voting for the wrong candidate.