Just as the media is praising Obama for a campaign well run (by them) while projecting on McCain (and earlier on Hillary) its sins, the truth is becoming more and more evident: hatred is the force behind this campaign.

Observes Riverdaughter

Just as Nixon and Reagan tapped into racial resentment in the American electorate to bring us decades of Republicans in the White House, Democrats have tapped into misogynism to win it for Obama in 2008.  In both cases, the antagonism, prejudice and bad behavior had been held in check by societal norms but was released when the candidate and the media gave silent approval.

Indeed, as SNL once coined it: “Bitch is the new black”

The Obama campaign and the DNC has done away with all that.  They know that “misogyny sells”.  For men and women who feel helpless to change their own circumstances, misogyny gives them a place to direct their anger and take power.  Women become the convenient scapegoats like the stereotypical African American “welfare queens” who didn’t exist or German Jews after the Armistice at Versailles.

So, now, calling a candidate inexperienced or socialist is condemned as racist, while women are called by the pundits cunts and bitches, and “reminding men of their first wives” (Hillary) or promised rape “by my black brothers” (Palin). Palin and her daughter Piper can be shot at by “art lovers”, McCain women supporters beaten up, Palin being knocked out in “funny” videos and drawings.

And what’s Obama doing about it?

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