As the text of Biden’s “Vote Obama and Die” remarks keeps trickling in,(I have yet to find the direct “girdle your loins” quote) the funniest part just reached me:

“I probably shouldn’t have said all this because it dawned on me that the press is here.”

Funny on so many levels! One of which being – I read and blogged about this several times, for days, and that “press” Biden was so worried still didn’t give up the whole text.

Not to worry, Biden! The press is your friend. You may let it be known that your administration will bring ruin and distraction on us, they’ll report about the price tags on Palin’s clothes. So, please, tell us more!

But this particular article actually asks the 65 million dollar question:

Why would our enemies feel the need to test an Obama and not a John McCain?

and offers a plausible answer:

Could it be that, as Biden said before joining the ticket, that Obama’s not ready to be president –“the presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training” — and that McCain is?

Then they ask another excellent question:

or debates?

What is it about West Coast fundraisers that prompt the two of you guys to let fly with the family secrets? In San Francisco, we learned Obama believes that bitter small-town Pennsylvanians cling to God and guns. In Seattle, Biden warned that Obama will face an international crisis in the first months of an administration. Heaven knows what we would find out if Biden let ‘er rip in Portland.

Don’t voters deserve to know this before Election Day? Please reply with the candor you demonstrated in Seattle and San Francisco.

I suppose candor = access – and that’s only for people with the the big bucks.

I wish Politico would have invited David Reinhard to their discussion today. He seems the first one to grasp the significance of what was said.