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LA Times blogs brings up this interesting exchange

So watch this video for a couple of minutes. It’s from MSNBC. It’s about media bias and how come Barack Obama runs hundreds of negative ads, according to one study, and the media ends up talking about John McCain’s eight?

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Jane Elliott devised the blue eye/brown eye experiment in 1969, after the murder of Martin Luther King

This, now famous, exercise labels participants as inferior or superior based solely upon the color of their eyes and exposes them to the experience of being a minority. Everyone who is exposed to Jane Elliott’s work, be it through a lecture, workshop, or video, is dramatically affected by it.

From the facilitator guide of the experiment

Blue Eyed lets viewers participate vicariously in the “Blue-Eyed/brown eyed” exercise. In the video, we see adults from Kansas City, Missouri, who were invited by a local organization, “Harmony,” to take part in a workshop about appreciating diversity. We watch as the group is divided according to eye color. Since the blue-eyed people are “on the bottom” they are crowded into a small, hot room without enough chairs and watched by strict security. Jane Elliott leaves them for a long while without any information while she prepares the brown-eyed people to be “on the top.” The brown-eyed people are given answers to test questions and instructed to demean the blue-eyed people. When the blue-eyed people are brought into the room, some are required to sit at the feet of the brown-eyed people as Jane Elliott treats them according to negative traits that are commonly assigned to people of color, women, lesbians and gay men, people with disabilities, and other non-dominant members of society.

Jane Elliott is unrelenting in her ridicule and humiliation of the blue-eyed people. When participants express sadness, shame, or tears, she drills in the point that participants only have to live this reality during the workshop, while people of color receive this treatment for a lifetime. Despite the fact that the group is participating voluntarily and, to some extent, knows what to expect, it seems clear that the exercise is painful. The blue-eyed participants experience humiliation and powerlessness.

I do remember watching this on Frontline, years ago. It was powerful and meant to instill awareness and empathy. I feel this idea was appropriated and is being misused to manipulate the democratic process in this country.

I have been thinking about the show  a lot lately. I feel that for the past year or so, the media is conducting this experiment on us. The blue eyed people are the ones not voting for Obama.

It was Hillary voters  who were the blue eyed people in the beginning. They were called low information, racist, bitter – and their candidate ridiculed constantly.

The brown eyed people were the Obama people which were called young, hip, educated, cool – while their candidate praised non stop for over a year now.

Once the general election started, the blue eyed people extended to the Republicans, independents – and anyone else not voting for Obama. They are called repeatedly racist, hateful and ignorant their candidates ridiculed and humiliated. Even a private citizen, a voter who dared question the brown eyed people candidate became the object of ridicule, persecution and hatred.

Unlike the original version, this version of the experiment is not voluntary and its purpose is to manipulate the will of the people not to foster understanding as originally conceived.


Another non-Obama voter comes under fire

A radio host interviews a TX woman who got a call from the Obama campaign which asked her if she was going to vote for Obama. She said No because Obama voted 4 times in the state senate to let babies die in the hospital closet.
The next thing she knows she gets a visit from 2 Secret Service agents accusing her of making a death threat against Obama, then saying she was RUDE on the phone and by the way What Are Her THOUGHTS About Obama?

Just as Hillary had the roll call rules re-written, just for her, so does Sarah Palin get “special treatment”

AP reported gleefuly:

John McCain got a call from Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was on the phone to Barack Obama, and to his Democratic running mate, Joe Biden. Nobody called Sarah Palin.

Funny, Laura Bush used to say “W” is for Woman” I guess not “that woman” again.

Insisting it was not a snub, the excuse was

Asked why Palin didn’t warrant a briefing, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters: “If you hadn’t noticed, she’s a governor, not a senator or congressman.”

Geez, I am old enough to remember the days when the saying was Governors not senators become presidents.

Twists the knife AP:

Presumably Palin is an important political figure too. And, like Biden, she has a son currently serving in Iraq who would be directly affected by the so-called Status of Forces, or SOFA, agreement.

And suddenly, this acronym became familiar. We find this interesting detail from the article

The administration had wanted a deal by August, but talks bogged down over questions of Iraqi sovereignty and U.S. insistence of broad legal protections for soldiers and contractors.

Bogged down, huh? Could that be that “Iraqgate” the Bushies covered so fast for Obama?

Was it really Iraqis or Obama that bogged down the deal?

I wouldn’t know, I am a girl.

JZ reprised one of his high moments in the primary – when his song played at the Obama rally where he gave Hillary the finger and brushed his shoulders of her.

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Last night opening at the Hollywood Paladium, he gave Obama ample props and then played the song as “his advice about Sarah Palin.

This campaign has been good to JZ. One song, two bitches….

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If you thought W was obsessed with loyalty, you should take a look at the Obama campaign. Just ask John Lewis who had an opponent egged to run against him because he didn’t switch his allegiance to Obama fast enough. Or Charlie Rangel who was told “we have enough talented speakers at the convention”

So, this is the climate that produce this kind of groveling from someone like Lanny Davis

Mr. Obama is a stronger candidate today thanks to Mrs. Clinton’s pursuit of the Democratic nomination.

See? You no longer have to hate her or her supporters – she was just Obama’s sparing partner, that’s all.

And forget about those silly voters who were to ignorant or hysterical to cling to Hillary

There always was a danger that certain working-class/rural voters who strongly supported Mrs. Clinton in such state primaries as Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia would not easily transfer their support to Mr. Obama. The same worry was often repeated about Democratic women who were angry or simply grieving about Mrs. Clinton not being picked as the nominee.

“See? They’re all reformed now. Like me. OK, I am more reformed than them.”

An excellent rebuttal of this is made by Heidi Li

Mr. Davis, I incontrovertibly do not qualify as one of the “certain working-class/rural voters” you disparage with the remark. But let me make it perfectly clear: I am not angry or “simply grieving” about “Mrs. Clinton not being picked as the nominee.” I am distressed that the Democratic Party rigged its own nomination process and PICKED a candidate rather than ELECTING one.

Indeed. Davis who was present at the RBC travesti seems to have excised this unpleasantness from his memory.

Here’s him earlier this year, when still courting the PUMAs but rationalizing his new allegiances

Lanny went out of his way to declare his respect for us, PUMAs, but wanted it made clear that he now supports Obama. For the good of the country – and he was “impressed with him lately”.When presssed for details, he couldn’t elaborate on what exactly impressed him.

When he got to “Fla and Mi did it to themselves, I turned off.

I wasn’t sure I was up to writing this – too depressing. I don’t care much about Lanny Davies or his evolving opportunism. This is however a study in self deception and political cowardice which has become emblematic in the party I used to belong to. It’s an important reason I had to switch gears.

When you start to blame the voters for being robbed, it’s probably time for a mirror. Or an exit.

And one more thing, Lanny: please don’t beg in my name. You do not speak for me.

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