The left has turned into an emetic morass of human sewage. When you go into the voting booth, picture the faces of the smug, haughty young creeps seen in the photo above. They represent the new Democratic party. They are the reason why this lifelong Dem said adios. If you reward the Obots with your vote, you are saying: “I want the Democratic party to keep acting like that.”

.Be careful what you with for – you may get it!

I waited for 8 years for W to utterly compromise the Republicans – to be laughed out of the office. I imagined for a long time celebrating the return of the Democrats – those hapless victims of the mean bully republicans.

I was soΒ  angry with Nader for his “They are both the same” meme.

And before sadly having to agree with him, I suddenly don’t have to anymore: they are no longer the same: the Democrats went far, far lower in the past few months – as human beings than the Republicans in the past 8 years. I missed the moment where they caught up – they so far overtook them – it’s not even funny.

I have to remember to be more specific in my wishes. Always add “and not be jerks”