A tale of two articles

Politico has an article titled MCCAIN WARNED ON RACE CARD which is wall to wall Geowge Wallace memories. You know, the one John Lewis brought back and than backtracked on.

Other than the title, it barely mentions McCain. Why?

The answer is in that other Politico article

McCain, advisers divided over Wright attack

where reportedly McCain hesitates to use Goddamn America

“McCain felt it would be sensed as racially insensitive,” the official said. “But more important is that McCain thinks that the bringing of racial religious preaching in black churches into the campaign would potentially have grave consequences for civil society in the United States.”

McCain would be well advised to remember that in the “bestest speech on race – ever” Obama said that Wright was a legitimate issue in this campaign. And that the media is not his friend.

So, we are watching now a Republican bending over backwards to curry favor with a media obviously out to frame him no matter what he does.  In other circumstances I’s cheer.

Too bad, the result of this will be Jr.jr.