Remember the Unity Pony from June? The new meme from August that Palin’s choice will offend us?

Now the haka Riverdaughter coined

the media is engaging in a haka against you.  A haka is the word for a Maori war dance.  It is big, brash, ugly, noisy and aggressive.  It is intended to make the enemy feel like they have lost the battle before the first spear is thrown.  It’s like Muhammad Ali trash talking Joe Frasier.  It’s designed to make you despair and give up.

is being used  against PUMAs

Dana  “W never acted better than us, although he was” Milbank decided to take this meme and report it as fact

“The Hillary voter has come home.”

We are busily ironing Obama’s shirts, and God forbid Hillary gets even credit for this

It wasn’t primarily the work of Hillary Clinton, though by her count she has made more than 50 public appearances for Barack Obama. Nor was it the work of Obama, who has kept Clinton and her advisers at arm’s length. No, the one who put the Hillary Clinton voters in Obama’s column was John McCain — with his choice of a running mate.

2 birds with one stone: he gets to attack all women with one lie: Hillary, Palin and PUMAs. Using anecdotal and polling information, he concluded that PUMAs do not exist.

Anecdotal evidence was used by Dana before to create the “hatred” at McCain rally meme. Now two people  being quoted are made to stand for millions.

As for the polls – the dubious 81% of Democrats for Obama – still shows 19% against him.

We were 24% in June, before they started messing with the samples (25 in this ABC poll) so, what’s the cause for the big headlines? (Note that we were downplayed then as well)

And I say dubious because nowadays pollsters do not even bother to show the internals – what kind of samples did they used. The last ones that did were an ABC poll that had 16% more democrats and oversampled AAs.

So, what of PUMAs? Well, NY Times of all places still reports a sighting

Totally contradicting Millbank’s conclusion

Gov. Sarah Palin met with a group of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s former supporters Tuesday evening at a special fund-raising reception organized for them on behalf of the Republican ticket.

And it wasn’t just words either

The reception, which organizers said brought in more than $500,000, was part of an extended evening of fund-raising for Ms. Palin and Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign at the Grand Hyatt in New York that officials estimated raised more than $8 million.

But, but, Dana said we hate Palin and we are ironing Obama’s shirts because of her

While Mrs. Clinton has implored her former supporters to back Senator Barack Obama, some still harbor ill will towards him, organizers said.

“These people want to give their vote of disapproval,” said Mr. Lausell. “This is a way they’re doing it.”

Apparently, Dana is full of it. And they can stuff their crooked polls too.