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A few weeks ago we had a fuzzy video and short report from CNN about blacks protesting Obama at one of his rallies.

I now stumbled upon the protesters’ site and found out the reasons for the protest as well as the question they asked Obama, the answer he gave, the truth about what he answered.  This may be a different protest than the one which made the news – August 1 not September 19.  Interestingly, the subprime mortgages are discussed (before the financial meltdown) and Obama’s ties to the ones  who make money on that. It’s an interesting watch.

Now that the boys got rid of the penis-less candidate, they need the girl’s smarts.

Politico reports

It was after a phone call with Hillary that

Three weeks later, at the town hall debate in Nashville, Tenn., McCain rolled out a $300 billion anti-foreclosure plan that’s similar, if not identical, to Clinton’s — and subsequently credited the concept “to a suggestion that Sen. Hillary Clinton made not that long ago.”

and to objections

The McCain campaign says the call to Clinton is just further proof that the GOP nominee is a president who can work across party lines.

“The fact the fact that they were talking in the midst of a heated campaign like this, shows it’s not just rhetoric John McCain gives when he talks about working across the aisle,” said spokesman Brian Rogers. “Obviously, Sen. Clinton is going to be a major force in the Senate in the future, and they have had a long friendship.”

and then comes Obama

On Monday, Obama told a crowd in hard-hit Toledo, Ohio, that he wanted to impose a 90-day freeze on foreclosures by banks that partake in the $700 billion rescue plan.

When Clinton proposed a package that contained a similar measure in January, Obama nixed it. At the time, his staff posted news stories denouncing the freeze on his campaign Web site, including a Fortune magazine story that tagged it “perhaps the dumbest solution to the current mortgage mess.”

and then it was health insurance

Health care was also a major flashpoint between Clinton and Obama during the primary, but Obama has moved closer to Clinton on this issue, as well.

During the primary debates, Clinton repeatedly hammered the Illinois senator, accusing him of refusing to sign on to her commitment to “universal” coverage, claiming Obama’s plan would deny benefits to 15 million Americans.

In July, Obama reversed course and signed onto Clinton’s proposal to grant health insurance tax credits for small business owners, telling a national Hispanic group that the “idea [was] championed by my friend Hillary Clinton, who has been leading the way in our battle to insure every American.”

Shockingly, he gave her credit fot this one. because he’s been copying her since the primaries

The copycat claims are nothing new. During the primaries, Clinton’s staff circulated a memo enumerating what they believed to be Obama rip-offs, including his apparent adoption of her plan to create millions of “green-collar” jobs and Clinton’s proposal for a national infrastructure bank.

“Sen. Obama has clearly followed us on an entire range of issues,” Neera Tanden, then Clinton’s policy director, told Newsday in April. “It raises a fundamental question: If Sen. Obama can’t propose his own major policies during the campaign, how is he going to do it as president?”

The question is – why can’t we have the competent candidate?

“The reason why she’s so influential is because we never had a primary candidate who won 18 million votes,” said former Bill Clinton adviser Paul Begala, who likened the former first lady’s impact to that of third-party candidate Ross Perot in 1992.

And the reason those 18 million votes were worth bubkus is that the fix was for Obama all along. And also, Hillary didn’t posess a penis.

Like they did in all the debates so far: you have to jump through so many circles so we approve – oops! You failed! (the debate reviews are already in – and Obama was fantastic!)

Here’s Daily News making a headline of Campaign talking points:

Interestingly enough, AFTER writing this entry, I found out of mistakenly disclosed talking points from Obama campaign

“* This is John McCain’s last chance to turn this race around and somehow convince the American people that his erratic response to this economic crisis doesn’t disqualify him from being President.

Good execution, Daily News. Tapper is slicker – by pretending it was a mistake – rather than his daily paperwork in his in box


Just as I was surmising, the debate memo was deliberately sent to Obama media (OM)

Obama’s campaign is out with a memo on Wednesday raising the expectations for John McCain to ungodly heights. But in addition to setting the stage for tonight’s affair, the Illinois Democrat did something peculiar: he allowed a peek into internal strategy.

Made a fool of Tapper, that’s for sure


This classic from Corrente – written pre-debate

1. Claim the race is already over.

2. Use 1. above to say that the losing candidate needs to have a “game changer”.

3. Make the debates such that no “game changer” is possible.

4. Declare that no “game changer” happened and so the losing candidate actually lost the debate.

Can anyone think of a debate “game changer” over the last 20 years?


The left has turned into an emetic morass of human sewage. When you go into the voting booth, picture the faces of the smug, haughty young creeps seen in the photo above. They represent the new Democratic party. They are the reason why this lifelong Dem said adios. If you reward the Obots with your vote, you are saying: “I want the Democratic party to keep acting like that.”

.Be careful what you with for – you may get it!

I waited for 8 years for W to utterly compromise the Republicans – to be laughed out of the office. I imagined for a long time celebrating the return of the Democrats – those hapless victims of the mean bully republicans.

I was so  angry with Nader for his “They are both the same” meme.

And before sadly having to agree with him, I suddenly don’t have to anymore: they are no longer the same: the Democrats went far, far lower in the past few months – as human beings than the Republicans in the past 8 years. I missed the moment where they caught up – they so far overtook them – it’s not even funny.

I have to remember to be more specific in my wishes. Always add “and not be jerks”

A tale of two articles

Politico has an article titled MCCAIN WARNED ON RACE CARD which is wall to wall Geowge Wallace memories. You know, the one John Lewis brought back and than backtracked on.

Other than the title, it barely mentions McCain. Why?

The answer is in that other Politico article

McCain, advisers divided over Wright attack

where reportedly McCain hesitates to use Goddamn America

“McCain felt it would be sensed as racially insensitive,” the official said. “But more important is that McCain thinks that the bringing of racial religious preaching in black churches into the campaign would potentially have grave consequences for civil society in the United States.”

McCain would be well advised to remember that in the “bestest speech on race – ever” Obama said that Wright was a legitimate issue in this campaign. And that the media is not his friend.

So, we are watching now a Republican bending over backwards to curry favor with a media obviously out to frame him no matter what he does.  In other circumstances I’s cheer.

Too bad, the result of this will be Jr.jr.

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