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From the announcement:
Can we talk?

Are you sick of these lying politicians? Are you tired of picking up the newspaper just to find more vile personal insults of female politicians? Are you worried about the economy and furious that we’re in this mess? Are you so angry and upset you could SCREAM?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you are hardly alone. The country is going through a real rough patch and we need to be there for one another.

Enter Ophelia.

Ophelia is here to listen and understand – not judge. Ophelia, just like you, is pissed off and needs to vent. So, can we talk? Can we share our stories? Can we try to make each other feel a little better?
We should also mention that Ophelia knows a thing or two about the economy. If there’s something that you have heard or read, and you don’t understand it, ask Ophelia. C’mon, admit it – you don’t know what a mortgage security is either….