There was much merriment in the ACORN audience when Obama told them that they’ll get to shape the agenda before even the inauguration of the fixed-elected candidate if their choice.

Kinda reminded me of the happy B0bots proudly shapping the platform of the democratic party – a slightly more appropriate carrot thrown by Obama.

And then someone asked: What agenda?

And I thought back on the question: what platform?

Could be the one jettisoned wholesale under the excuse of the bailout?

Should the ACORN election thieves look at the reward before engaging in the crime?

It’s probably too late.

For those who missed it: Obama’s agenda is power. Aquisition and consolidation. The Democratic party, ACORN, B0bots shall all find under the bus with the speed of lightning once that’s done.

And much as the karmic prospect of this happening is satisfying, I’d rather they don’t get the chance to find out.

Maybe thre ACORN people shouldn’t count their loot just yet. As the commercial says:

“You may have alreadty been…doublecrossed”