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Howard Stern of all people makes the point about why Obama supporters love him: his policies.

They love the fact that he’s pro-life, he wants us to stay in Iraq (I have news Howard, he actually does) and they even love his VP choice – Sarah Palin.

You don’t believe it? Have a listen

Obama assumed he was rehabilitated, but the W.O.R.M says not really. I know Ayers is on its way under the bus so this is not really relevant. So, before the media throws those two in the memory hole, I wanted to give a new reminder of who these people really are – there is an unforgettable detail.

I remember themΒ  paralyzing a guy named Elrod, the guy Bernardine wrote the song **Lay Elrod Lay for β€” to poke fun of him lying in the street unable to move due to a broken neck.

Elrod is the guy on the ground, left in the photo

From Uppity Woman’s post at No Quarter

*Bernardine Dohrn’s Gleeful Lay Eldrod Lay

Lay, Elrod, lay,

Lay in the street for a while

Stay, Elrod, stay

Stay in your bed for a while

You thought you could stop the Weatherman

But up-front people put you on your can,

Stay, Elrod, stay

Stay in your iron lung,

Play, Elrod, play

Play with your toes for a while

So, I let the Obama campaign parse words as to these people’s rehabilitation. As miq2xu said, Charles Manson also did his killings when I was a kid, and none since, but I wouldn’t associate with him today.

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