Just when you thought you reached the bottom of the barell, there’s more.

MILP is a variation from MILF (Mother I’d like to fuck) – and it just shows the author and fans dispensed with all that pretense of se in rape and got directly to the violence

27 stumblers at Stumpleupon happily endorse this graphics where a hairy man’s hand is shown punching Palin in the face – complete with a tooth flying.

Sarah!  Sarah!


I wonder what other women they’d like to do this to – and why?

Brings up fuzzy memories of Olberman wistfully fantasizing about a big guy going in a room with Hillary and only him coming out.

And brings a legitimate qustion: if Obama loses, will women be beaten up? Violence if we don’t obey and vote for THE ONE has been threatened often, butΒ  graphics like these make me wonder…

amd here’s OM (Obama Media) fueling these attitudes with the way they photograph Palin

Reuters Pics: Halos for Obama Suggesting He’s Christ; Upskirt Porn Shots of Palin Suggesting She’s a Chillbilly Jezebel