Earlier this morning, Obama’s spokesman Bill BurtonΒ  in an interview on Fox, presumed to speak for all of us saying we don’t care about Ayers.

McCain took the question to the people today

“We don’t care about an old washed up terrorist and his wife” who said earlier this decade that he wished they were more successful. (Several in the crowd chanted: “Yes we do!”)

Ans Sarah took on the media

“Mainstream media isn’t already asking all these questions, you guys have to help us….When will the questions be asked and when will we get answers?!”

and then supporters asked for more

He then implored McCain to go after Barack Obama at the next debate and asked him to raise ACORN and Reverend Wright. “I am begging you, sir,” he said, as the crowd stood and applauded.

“Yes, I’ll do that,” McCain responded, before promising to offer “a positive plan for America’s economy.”

and some video clips

on Acorn