Again, people need to go to blogs to find out that Obama was for HOLC (invented it) before he was against it. The Obama Media (OM) is silent on that. Well, not totally silent.

Politico now, invents a McCain inconsistency

Sensationally titled

McCain changes homeowner plan

and then comes the “overnight” and then it’s described

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) made an overnight change in the homeowner bailout he proposed at Tuesday’s presidential debate, making it more generous to financial institutions and more costly for taxpayers.

Really? What was that change I wonder? Are the numbers different? Apparently not:

The McCain campaign estimates in both documents that the plan would cost about $300 billion.

Then what changed to merit such a sensational title? A sentence. Simply, one sentence:

“Lenders in these cases must recognize the loss that they’ve already suffered.”

Apparently this is missing from the second version. And guess what? It justifies Obama’s flip-flop

That would mean the U.S. would pay face value for the troubled documents, which was the main reason Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) gave for opposing the plan.

So, Obama flip-flops, McCain is framed. For a sentence.

McCain campaign

A McCain campaign official explained the change: “That language was mistakenly included in the initial draft and it’s been corrected. It doesn’t reflect the intentions of the initiative, which necessitated the correction and the removal of the sentence. A simple mistake.”


“John McCain wants the government to massively overpay for mortgages in a plan that would guarantee taxpayers lose money, and put them at risk of losing even more if home values don’t recover. The biggest beneficiaries of this plan will be the same financial institutions that got us into this mess, some of whom even committed fraud.”

And there you have it – Obama, the “inventor”/opponent of this – is always right. Even though this was not given as a reason when he flipped.

And the flip-flop is projected on McCain

In other words, Obama’s flip-flop is McCain’s flop. What flip-flop you ask? Stop asking! Go after McCain!

Not even W required such pretzel logic.


Punditry on the plan (according to the party)

Incredibly, of all people, Lanny davis shills for Obama

The McCain plan is too little too late, not new – and worst of all, ill-explained.

while a Steve Steckler says

Obama’s response to McCain’s mortgage purchase plan is proof that politicians oppose whatever they have yet to offer themselves.

Roy Blunt

Our nation is facing unprecedented challenges that require leadership. And that’s what Senator McCain did in bringing a proposal to the table. He is demonstrating a commitment to solve problems – in this case the financial crisis that is hurting hard-working Americas from coast to coast. That takes political courage.

Wow! GOP-ers sounding like Democrats, Democrats using the “taxpayer” excuse?

OM (Obama media) regurgitates Obama campaign’s latest flipped talking points – here’s WaPo editorial

But unless Mr. McCain can demonstrate that this concession to borrowers is needed to alleviate the crisis and would be more effective than other measures already adopted by the Bush administration, the cost will be hard to justify.