The Obama campaign is coming out against McCain’s new plan to buy up Americans’ mortgages, my colleague Carrie Budoff Brown reports.

The campaign is citing the burden it would place on taxpayers — the issue that has made the overall bailout unpopular in the polls.

Suddenly, Mr Rescue cares about taxpayers!

We PUMAs were rejoicing and appreciating McCain’s nod to us,

Ahem. Anyway — I think McCain is risking the Choir by preaching to the Heathens (that’s us, Folks. Us Heathen Racist Pumas!). He’s taking his base for granted and conceding the voters of Obama Nation.

McCain even credited Hillary with the idea

The mortgage renewal idea actually originated with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, said Charlie Black, a senior adviser to Mr. McCain.

and Obama didn’t disappoint…

Voting for McCain becames an easier choice every day!


As madamab at the Confluence noted

Seems that Obama was for it before he was against it only hours earlier:

The campaign of Senator Barack Obama quickly countered by saying that the financial rescue plan that President Bush signed into law last week already gave the treasury secretary such power. And, his advisers noted, Mr. Obama recommended such a step in a news conference nearly two weeks ago.

That’s one fast flip-flop!

It’s obvious that his first reaction was to take credit for it. Then his Wall street owners weighted in and he reversed himself. A sample of Obama’s “presidenting” if I ever saw one!


More on it here

Helping strapped homeowners get back on track to pay their mortgages is in everyone’s best interest.  It’s not a Republican or Democrat thing.  It’s the *right* thing.

So, it seems like renegotiating the terms of these loans would be a very good idea for taxpayers who now have a stake in the banks who have been subsumed.