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“Why is this guy never supposed to do anything, take any position or win a debate before being declared the winner?”

“Obama still has the main characteristics that led me to support him. He didn’t drop dead during the debate, which means he still has a pulse. His penis didn’t drop off during the debate, which means it’s still attached. I don’t have any other real requirements, he can eat puppies onstage for all I care.”–the punditry

I am old enough to remember when this was W’s standard. Everyone else seems to be younger.

My kid got a school assignment to watch 15 minutes of the debate and write their impression. After much negotiations, I got to read it this morning:

All I can say is “Booo” They did a coin toss for who goes first – which is weird. I noticed that McCain thanked Obama but Obama didn’t thank McCain”

From the mouth of babes…

From the McCain campaign – every scrap of positive statement they could  find