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Besides the AP blackmail – keep it up and we’ll paint you racist

I am starting to see more and more pleas for “positive campaigning”

here’s CNN’s Campbell Brown being quoted

Don’t you want to be able to walk into the White House with your dignity intact and your head held high?

and here’s Baba Wawa

called on all to “stop slinging mud around”

and the New York Times  on page one

Yet in shifting toward a more negative and personal message, the two campaigns risked seeming detached from the economic anxieties of voters at a time when the financial system is teetering. The risk could be especially great for Mr. McCain, (of course)

Does anyone remember the Obama Media (OM) enthusiasm when they were announcing the “No more Mr Nice Guy” meme about Obama (as if he ever was  “nice”)?

It seems that the negative campaigning has became distasteful only since “Willie” Ayres is being mentioned a lot

Illustration by Maddie Joan

Remember the Appalachians?

The ones the media called names for voting for Hillary?

but their neighbours admire John McCain and adore Sarah Palin. She has five kids, she shoots and skins her own food, she’s not embarrassed to be Christian and she talks like a regular gal. “I’ve enjoyed listening to her,” says a local café owner in a Smith and Wesson shirt. He adds that Obama really put his foot in it with that “pig” comment. Half the people in town are convinced it was aimed at Mrs Palin.

I wonder how do they feel about the name calling

Rural white Americans are the only ethnic group it is socially acceptable to mock. Tell a hillbilly joke at a smart dinner party and everyone will laugh. Tell a joke involving a racial slur directed at African Americans and you will never be invited again.

Snobbery directed at poor whites has political consequences.

I think they’ll reember in November.

Times Leader reports

One organization – PUMA, which stands for Party Unity My Ass – has more than 5 million members across the country, she said. Jamie Brazil, a longtime friend of the Clintons and the Rodham family, is serving as national director of Citizens for McCain. Brazil accompanied de Rothschild on her Scranton visit.

They even allowed a good reason for this in

Carol Oleski is director of the Democrats for McCain office. Judy O’Connor is assisting Oleski and has taken a strong stand for McCain.

“Hillary supporters are way past the anger stage,” O’Connor said. “We are supporting McCain because we feel after Hillary, he is the most qualified candidate for president.

Before trying to discredit Lynn de Rotschild at the end.

But, hey, at least people can now we are still there, right?

Politico has a bunch of articles saying in effet that if the fix doesn’t work, racism is the only explanation

All jurnalists think they already elected Obama

Journalists by instinct tend to hedge their bets, so most don’t say in public what they really think. But our conversations with colleagues make clear what many think about the great race between Barack Obama and John McCain: This election is just about over, and Obama is just about to be president.

Once again, voters are dismissed, – go home, Obama media has it in the bag.

Then the hedge:

By far the most likely thing that could derail Obama’s victory is a racial backlash that is not visible in today’s polls but is waiting to surge on Election Day — coaxed to the surface (to the extent coaxing is needed) with the help of coded appeals from McCain and his conservative allies.

Not only we are all a bunch of racists, but mcCain is guilty of “coaxing”

And just if you doubted the wisdom of this – we have the utmost authority in election victories:

“I have a concern that going into Election Day, in a dead heat, there could be some drop-off in support of Obama, of one or two points, because some voters are conflicted about race in this election,” said Democratic strategist Joe Trippi.

So. listen up, you rubes: the media decided this election. You better comply.

There’s only one reason not to vote Obama – and that is that you are a racist – coaxed or not by evil McCain. Got it?

It’s pretty much the blackmail AP used on McCain, but it’s now directed to us, the insubordinate voters

New York Post reports

“As recently as September of last year, [Obama] said that subprime loans had been, quote, ‘a good idea.’ Well, Senator Obama, that ‘good idea’ has now plunged this country into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression,” McCain said.

Obama may say that

McCain had twisted the Illinois senator’s remarks on the subprime-mortgage crisis.

but here it is – listen for yourself:


Subprime lending started off as a good idea – helping Americans buy homes who couldn’t previously afford to. Financial institutions created new financial instruments that could securitize these loans, slice them into finer and finer risk categories and spread them out among investors around the country and around the world.

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