To my surprise, I found one SNL skit that is both funny and accurate

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Some highlights

After Nancy Pelosi (played by Kristen Wiig) blamed the Bush administration and Republicans for the current financial crisis, President Bush (played by Jason Sudeikis) interrupted: “Wait a minute. Wasn’t it my administration that warned about the problem six years ago? And it was Democrats who refused to listen?” When Pelosi protested, Barney Frank (played by Fred Armisen) corrected her, “Actually, this time, this time he’s sort of right.”

and also

George Soros (played by Will Forte) told viewers that all of the $700 billion coming from the recently passed bailout bill is going to him. Under his captioned name on the screen were the words “Multi-billionaire Hedge Fund Manager, Owner, Democratic Party.”

Video – now removed by NBC


Interestingly enough, NBC pulled the video from their website.

And they just took down the one on you tube. Luckily, I saved a copy. You tube took it down as soon as I uploaded it so you can now see it here


The Vachovia debacle and missing SNL skit

Herb and Marion Sandler were co-chief executives for Golden West Financial Corp., and were once hailed as “voices of reason” as they guided their company and it’s subsidiary, World Savings, safely through the 1980’s and 1990’s, when thousands of other savings-and-loan failed.

In October 2006, after 40 years of running what was once referred to as an “endearing mom-and-pop shop” they sold their business to Wachovia in a $24.3 billion deal as USA Today reports.

It also contains a link to the full transcriptΒ  with screen caps