Rasmussen, in their e-mail update, informs me they adjusted the sample

As of October 4:

This week’s adjustment shows a three-tenths of a point increase in the number of Democrats and an identical decline in the number of Republicans.

For polling data released during the week of October 5-11, 2008, the partisan weighting targets will be 39.3% Democratic, 33.3% Republican, and 27.4% unaffiliated. For the preceding week, September 28-October 4, 2008, the partisan weighting targets were 39.0% Democratic, 33.6% Republican, and 27.4% unaffiliated.

Somehow, this sounded wrong, so I went to an e-mail from 2 days ago and found this

Partisan Trends In September: 38.4% Democrats 34.4% Republicans

In September, the number of Americans who consider themselves to be Republicans increased a percentage point from 33.2% in August to 34.4% in September.

During that same period, the number of Democrats declined slightly from 38.9% to 38.4.%. The remainder, 27.2%, are not affiliated with either major political party.

That gives the Democrats a net advantage of 4.0 percentage points, down from 5.7

So, on October 2, polls show that the GOP percent grew and on October 4 they reduce the sample? And they are the pollsters everyone considers “GOP friendly? Am I supposed to believe any poll from now on? I mean, what kind of sample the non-GOP friendly” pollsters use now a days?

I remember the famous ABC poll weighing 16% more dems to show an Obama 9% lead – how is this a positive? I guess when all the rest follow, the perception is created…