It’s been a while since we thought about the Cult of Obama – but the creepy signs are bringing it back.

The Confluence has such an article up and an interesting discussion followed.

Bradmaysfilmaker wanted to find out

What I’m calling for is an IN-DEPTH look at what Obama provides his followers. And if it IS just a matter of being a cult leader (and I don’t think it is, frankly), then by what SPECIFIC mechanism do his followers call into their trance (read the book SNAPPING by Conway and Seigleman for a definitive look into that subject)?

It’s a combination of many years without a leader – a void – combined with the media pushing for a seemingly acceptable one for a change. People don’t look at the fact that the same people who sold them Bush are pushing now Obama. They just see that, on the very surface, Obama seems (or rather used to seem) better than Bush. And for the first time, their candidate is not ridiculed – like Clinton, Gore, Clark  – or Wellstone were, but praised. Even those endorsing him were allowed this year to look good. When was the last time Ted Kennedy  showed up in public without Chappaquiddick being brought up? Endorsing Obama provided him with such an unique opportunity. Everyone supporting other candidates was belittled and humiliated. Hillary supporters were low information, old, bitter and of course racist.

I don’t need to remind anyone  the names for Palin and her supporters – they are there now.

In other words, Obama supporters get something they never did: validation, praise, the smell of power.

They are being told on daily basis that they are better than the rest.

Reminds me of that social experiment called The Wave.

He decided to have a two week experiment in dictatorship. His idea was to explain fascism to his class through a game, nothing more. He never intended what resulted, where his class would be turned into a Fascist environment. Where students gave up their freedom for the prospect of being superior to their neighbors.

I watched a documentary with a version of this – a group of people is divided into blue eyes people/black eyes people”. Alternatively, one group is constantly validates, while the others belittled. Aggressive behavior from the “better people” always ensued.

I feel this applies even better – as it moves from one group to another – jus  as the games played with GOP candidates and now Democratic candidate – by the media. The group that was validated always became aggressive.

Ah, power.

That reminds me of those cult members (yeah, I have to use the cult example) in Japan a few years ago. the ones about to poison Tokyo’s subway system with toxic gas. They were young professionals, extremely educated and yet they believed that belonging to that cult will confer then superpowers (I believe flying  was mentioned).

I had the same puzzlement then as I do now: why would highly educated people believe such things?

I can only conclude tat the answer is contained in the question:

Superpowers. Empowerment. Vindication. Revenge.

Oh, and I need to add the guilt release argument as well. Loyalty check on a B0 forum some month ago:

“they were not real B0 supporters. They were only in it to get street creds for not being racist”

I suppose when one doesn’t know very well who you are, such creds bring one peace of mind.