Having renamed it,  pushed for it and now voted for it, he owns it.

And I am happy to see, at least someone in his blogosphere is awake

Obama Betrays the Middle Class: Votes for “Bail out the Rich Act”

I didn’t think it possible, but they actually call Obama on it

can’t think of any way to sugar coat this, I’m afraid. It’s a bad bill and it isn’t just that Barack Obama voted for it, it’s that everything I’m hearing from the Hill says that he’s been actively whipping it, not just in the Senate but in the House. Barack didn’t hold his nose and vote for this, he made it his bill as much as it is Paulson’s.

and somehow, they even realize  how Obama created his own excuse to jettison all his campaign promises,

With this bill go your chances of having, say, universal health care, or massive infrastructure development, or really getting the US of its dependence on foreign oil, or really rebuilding America’s school system—or whatever other big, expensive project you thought Obama was promising.

I guess Cannonfire is sure to not have to part with his $ 50 now!
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I had noted that a while ago, calling it the mother of all flip-flops

“Does that mean that I can do everything that I’ve called for in this campaign right away?” Obama said. “Probably not. I think we’re going to have to phase it in. And a lot of it’s going to depend on what our tax revenues look like.”

and they make it clear whose responsibility this is

it’s Barack Obama who turned to Nancy Pelosi and Reid and said “this bill must pass”. It’s Obama who is whipping votes and bending arms for this despite the fact that it is massively unpopular. This is Obama’s bill.

“Americans are being robbed, reverse Robin Hood style. Take money from ordinary folks, hand it directly to the rich. That’s Obama’s first real act as the presumptive President”

as what again?

“and as the Democratic party’s de-facto leader.”

I could ask “what party”? but I’d digress. I am glad to see signs of intelligent life in that universe.


Obama delivers key votes for the House bill

On Friday, a number of the 32 Democratic representatives who switched their votes to support the legislation cited Obama’s appeal in explaining their decision.

Congressman John Yarmuth of Kentucky declared that he still “hates the bill,” but said he was convinced by a discussion with Obama to vote for it. He said the candidate had assured him that “he does not view [the bailout] as the end of road.”
of course we know the road ahead:
In reality, the handover of hundreds of billions of dollars in public funds to Wall Street will preclude the use of those funds to aid working people. If he is elected in November, the legislation that Obama has helped to pass will in large measure set the agenda for his administration. It will be one of harsh austerity, budget cuts and attacks on essential social services.