I have been musing lately about the  derangement syndromes in this election: Palin and Hillary – PDS and CDS. They have a few things in common:

they are both against women

they are both stirred by politicians (right now: Obama)

they are both propagated – in large measure – by women

Women fall for it.

As I have been wondering about the roots of such derangement, I may have gotten some clues recently while reading Sherilyn Ifill’s tirade against Palin

“From the first day, Palin presented herself as shooting a bear in the morning, field dressing it, cooking up the breakfast, diapering the babies, passing legislation in the afternoon, cleaning the house, satisfying her husband, etc., etc., etc. And it’s just not true,” she wrote in an e-mail interview. “It’s hard to be an average working mom, really hard. And when women who are privileged present as though they have it all together, it’s offensive to black women.”

She said, “black women are not easily confused by false claims to feminism. When women like Palin lay claims to ‘representing’ average women, I think that black women have a visceral reaction to it.”

There’s a racist component to it which I won’t consider here – unless in passing – as a further artificial division amongst women. So, I’ll just take from it the idea that women are offended by other women having it all.

The same source confirms it

“Hillary has the sympathy of women because of what she went through with Bill in front of the whole country.

This translates it: we may forgive you for having it all – if we are reassured by some public humiliation you are going through…And let’s face it, that one is hardly enough, see Michelle’s famous

“if you can’t take care of your house, you shouldn’t be in the White House”

And of course, in spite her disclaimer, Shelilyn Iffil hated Hillary too

“When she knocked back a shot and a beer in that bar in Pennsylvania, Mrs. Clinton ended any pretense of running as a feminist.” She compared it to Michael Dukakis in a tank, a failed “macho stunt.”

When I googled for a specific article I remember reading “Who Do Women hate Hillary” – i got 285,000+ hits so I’ll let the number make the argument for me.

The piece was – I think  “Why Women hate Hillary”

She seems above us, exempting herself from compromises women have to make every day, while, at the same time, leaving some of the basic tenets of feminism in the dust. We are sold out on both counts. In other words, she seems like patriarchy in sheep’s clothing.

Any woman, aspiring to break the glass ceiling is seen as “wanting to be above” the ones who don’t. The higher the position, the more some women will allow themselves to be manipulated by the men who say this is wrong…

They all bout in the NOT THAT WOMAN syndrome

Riverdaughter  said once about this political season that this is the Year of the Penis.

If women are so easily duped into undermining their own out of petty jealousy – every year in our future will continue to be a Penis year, and us as a majority will continue to be humiliated, insulted and kept down by the minority which knows how to get us at each others throats. (and by “minority” I mean MEN)

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What could be the biggest force for progress in the world is busy eating its own.

Unless we get smart and surprise them all.