It was the “!984” protagonist’s job. Winston was revising history on daily basis to make it fit the new present.

I watched it done before with Bush after 9.11: from My Pet Goat to the bestest speech ever that got him 90% support and created the narrative “he grew into it” (how fascinating that the same people are creating this one too)

I have to remind everyone that as the crisis went on, even Obama friendly sources remarked on his lack of leadership

About Mr. Obama: it’s a shame that he didn’t show more leadership in the debate over the bailout bill, choosing instead to leave the issue in the hands of Congressional Democrats

that will be thrown in the memory hole now

Politico is rewriting the past right  now

Somehow, the media distortions are claimed as facts

The bailout package that was to be voted on that day largely reflected the changes he had advocated. Meanwhile, John McCain was getting pilloried for parachuting into the Capitol Hill debate, seeming to disrupt the negotiations and then reversing his pledge not to debate until the crisis was averted.
And then the bill crashed and burned.

So  now they create the new objective – not so much for Obama as for the media

The Illinois senator also faces a more pressing concern as the House prepares for a pivotal vote later in the week: how to lead the bill to final passage while also staying far enough away from it to avoid being singed if it goes down.

So, here comes the whitewash –  don’t look now, but McCain’s proposal is gently moved in Obama’s column

But beginning Tuesday, Obama reached out to recalcitrant House members — he endorsed a proposal to raise the limit on FDIC insurance, urged bipartisan cooperation and called on both parties to pass the bill.

with only a bit of truth about his lack of results peeking through the low expectation game:

Delivering those votes, though, is no easy task — which may explain why the Obama camp has been so tight-lipped about whom, specifically, he has lobbied. One thing’s for sure: There’s no full court press on. An aide to Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.), perhaps Obama’s closest ally in the Congressional Black Caucus, said the two had yet to talk about the bailout vote as of Wednesday afternoon. An Obama official downplayed his boss’s impact with the CBC, saying that at best he could sway four votes.

Twenty of the CBC’s 38 members voted no on Monday.

These details will be airbrushed from the picture later. Looking like a preznit is what  media needs to propagandize:

Obama’s plea to members is likely to include a reminder of whose administration could be implementing the program come January. “It may be we’ll send new legislation to Congress to make sure the taxpayer is protected,” Obama said at a campaign event in Wisconsin on Wednesday. He has been focused on substance and the long-term effect of the bill because he realizes that he may be the one who has to deal with putting it into action, Douglass said.

Sounds a bit blackmailish – but remember, this is a rough draft. Getting vaguer always works:

Obama’s focus since Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson proposed the $700 billion package was to shape the legislation through the campaign trail bully pulpit — not to persuade individual members of Congress.

Again, “retroactively” is the key. Only knowing an outcome, can one insert Obama in – so nothing for the future

But what’s he been doing since? Obama’s not saying. On Wednesday afternoon, he emerged from a van outside the Hart Senate Office Building, speaking on his cell phone. After he hung up, a reporter asked what he would do to win more votes for the bailout.

He waved and said nothing.

Future articles will stress: “Ask not what Obama does. He does for you.”

And that is the anatomy of propaganda. See if you recognize the polished versions in the rest of the Obama media pieces – later

And if you are keeping score at home, the bailout err – rescue meme keeps being pushed

House girds for second try on financial rescue