As the story trickes up in the mainstream media, the roles are curiously reversed.

While it’s the McCain campaign being at a disadvantage being blindsided about  this

The McCain campaign found out about Ifill’s book in the last day or so, a spokesman said.

Hot air noted that this very impartial moderator

The host of PBS’ “Washington Week” and senior correspondent on “The NewsHour” said she did not tell the Commission on Presidential Debates about the book.

and nevertheless McCain graciously chose to not make it an issue

But here’s Ifill being victimized

Ifill questions why people assume that her book will be favorable toward Obama.

“Do you think they made the same assumptions about Lou Cannon (who is white) when he wrote his book about Reagan?” said Ifill, who is black. Asked if there were racial motives at play, she said, “I don’t know what it is. I find it curious.”

Oh, I dunno, Gwen. Maybe your whole attitude during this election? Like the way you reported on Palin speech?

“She belittled him”

Somehow, you feel that the inclusion of Powell in a book called “The Age of Obama”  makes it perfectly neutral…

But to me, having the title “the Age of Obama” for a book about someone who did nothing but run for office all his life is another clue

Lastly, you doth protest too much. No one actually said you were ‘for Obama”

What was said is that you have a financial interest in the outcome of this election, with a book about one of the candidates to be released on Inauguration Day. No matter who made the decision abut the release date.

And even if this was an anti-Obama book.

But I know, Gwen, I already confessed I was a racist so I got you covered.