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If a PUMA runs wild and no one pays attention to it, can it still make a sound?

You’d think by the media’s silence that we disappeared. Apparently, still not domesticated

Oregon editorial profiles a few PUMAs

Obama’s victory over Clinton convinced Atkins that a conspiracy in her own party brought down Clinton. Atkins wrestled with anxiety and depression before turning to the Web for solace. There she found common cause with the PUMAs (“Party Unity My Ass”) —a movement of Democrats refusing to back Obama as their party’s nominee.

and notes once again

But the fact that they’re now on McCain’s Straight Talk Express points to a persistent problem for the Obama campaign that runs deeper than a handful of bitter donors in one blue West Coast state. In an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll last week, just 58 percent of Clinton’s supporters said they plan to vote for Obama. That’s the same percentage that said so in June,

and while I didn’t expect the stolen primary to be mentioned, at least the conclusion is this

“Character is more important than positions and policy, because all that stuff gets negotiated and flopped around anyway,” she says. “It’s a trust thing. Obama, I just don’t trust him.”

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