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We stood up to the creeping Police State tactics of the Obama Movement and FORCED A RETRACTION. They BACKED OFF! This is what it’s all about Folks! Nicely done.

and they said

“The only action they would take would be to provide truthful information to the public so they can make up their minds,” said spokesperson Susan Ryan. “Neither (Joyce) nor anybody involved in this has any intention of prosecuting anybody.” (only making them believe you would – my note)

those of us having dealt with the “truth Squads” on the internet know how just how true this sounds.

The Governor isn’t buying it

“That’s not how they announced it,” objected Gov. Blount in an interview on Fox TV’s “America’s Newsroom” talk show. “They rolled it out as prosecutors willing to take actions as prosecutors.”

Question is – if the “misunderstanding” came from the flashing of the badge – shouldn’t this actually be prosecuted as abuse of power?