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Democracy Now transcript of interview

AMY GOODMAN: You were told that Barack Obama did not want this in the bill?

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH: That he didn’t want the bankruptcy provisions in the bill. Now, you know, that’s what we were told. And I don’t understand why he would say that, if he did say that. And I think that there is a—the fact that we didn’t put bankruptcy provisions in, that actually we removed any hope for judges to do any loan modifications or any forbearance. There’s no moratorium on mortgage foreclosures in here. So, who’s getting—who’s really getting helped by this bill? This is a bailout, pure and simple, of Wall Street interests who have been involved in speculation. ”

I guess it wasn’t something that was helpful to…Obama.

I guess the idea was for Acorn to trickle down on the homeoners

Foreclosures were not even considered in the bailout

Update October 11

It seems he already flip-flopped on this

Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama has unveiled his proposal to change bankruptcy laws. And his plan includes doing something Congress declined to do earlier this year: allow bankruptcy courts to renegotiate the terms of mortgages.

as reported by Politico

From the minute John McCain suspended his campaign and arrived in Washington to address this crisis, he was attacked by the Democratic leadership: Senators Obama and Reid, Speaker Pelosi and others. Their partisan attacks were an effort to gain political advantage during a national economic crisis. By doing so, they put at risk the homes, livelihoods and savings of millions of American families.

“Barack Obama failed to lead, phoned it in, attacked John McCain, and refused to even say if he supported the final bill.

“Just before the vote, when the outcome was still in doubt, Speaker Pelosi gave a strongly worded partisan speech and poisoned the outcome.

“This bill failed because Barack Obama and the Democrats put politics ahead of country.”

and if one takes a look at Pelosi’s speech before the vote, he is right

and the transcript


Speaker Pelosi’s Partisan Speech From The Well Of The House Of Representatives Attacking Republicans Turned Off Potential Republican Votes. “Opponents said part of the reason for the opposition from Republicans was what they termed a partisan speech by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said one GOP source. ‘Pelosi’s partisan speech has caused our members to go berserk and may cost us any remaining chance to pass the bill,

And Barney Frank who should be hiding under a stone retorted

But House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, D-Mass., took umbrage with that claim.

Because somebody hurt their feelings they decide to punish the country. … I mean, that’s hardly plausible<” said Frank. noting that the number of Republicans insulted was the same needed to pass the legislation. “I’ll make an offer. Give me those 12 people’s names and I will go talk uncharacteristically nicely to them.”

Guess what, Barney? According to the roll call, 95 of the ones who wanted to “hurt the country” were in your own party.

And of course, Obama blames McCain

“This is a moment of national crisis, and today’s inaction in Congress as well as the angry and hyper-partisan statement released by the McCain campaign are exactly why the American people are disgusted with Washington.

I wonder if he knows about Nancy’s speech…it’s OK. the media will keep mum on it and only air Obama’s gripes

And GOP-ers shall ride on this populist revolt now

this tidbit was discovered by some blogger who thinks McCain is the media darling

The company may have been more pleasant than that of McCain aides, who have barred Dowd from the candidate’s plane.

I am old enough to remember when MoDo was reviled by democrats after the jobs she pulled on Kerry and Gore.  But her crush on Darcy makes her ‘the bastion of the First Amendment. And the implication that MoDo would be a reporter – priceless!

If the Obama campaign banned a FoxNews Reporter from the plane, I’m sure it would be the greatest crime against the first amendment ever committed

Question is: why isn’t she with Darcy?

She tries according to Kurtz

Outside, on a summerlike evening, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs held forth for the likes of NBC’s Chuck Todd and New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, who was wearing an Elvis T-shirt. (The company may have been more pleasant than that of McCain aides, who have barred Dowd from the candidate’s plane

Elvis? Not Darcy?

Bailout didn’t help the market today, but it surely making everyone angry.

Ironically, from Fortune

A populist backlash is changing America’s political climate. Inflamed by the financial crisis and bailouts, a form of class warfare could haunt business leaders for years to come.


Washington hath no fury like Middle America scorned – and there’s reason to think it will only get uglier. The government’s massive new financial commitments will severely tie the next President’s hands in addressing middle-class concerns.

“The next President will have to temper expectations a lot,” says Middlebury College economist David Colander, “far beyond what either of the candidates has been willing to talk about.”

and how is this reflecting on the race?

If that means Republican John McCain gives up on letting the upper middle class keep the Bush tax cuts, it also means that Democrats will have to stop promising ambitious spending programs. Barack Obama rightly says it would be “irresponsible” not to review his spending menu – which includes making health care universal – in light of this new fiscal reality. As for problems like Medicare and Social Security? They’ll have to wait.

Oh, please Obama is way ahead of you here. Not that the media does let the voters know the promises they were made are already canceled.

Obama;s henchmen talk about landslide

Barack Obama’s senior aides believe he is on course for a landslide election victory over John McCain and will comfortably exceed most current predictions in the race for the White House.

and where the fix comes in

But his aides are convinced that he has a strong chance of winning no fewer than nine states won by George W.Bush in the closely contested 2000 election, including former Republican strongholds like North Carolina, Virginia and even Indiana, which have not voted Democrat for a generation.

as opposed to the rest

Mainstream pollsters on both sides of the aisle last week called the election as a dead heat. Mark Mellman, who was John Kerry’s polling guru, said the 2008 election is “increasingly resembling the real map of 2004” and Matthew Dowd, a top strategist on Bush’s re-election campaign, added: “States that were reliably red are reliably red, and states that were reliably blue are reliably blue.”

and concludes

The scale of their ambition will trouble those Democratic sceptics who consider Mr Obama’s aides to be complacent and inexperienced in national campaigns.

Now i did notice the change in national and state polls. I also noticed the change in the samples: they poll up to10% more Democrats than republicans. And Obama diesn’t end up 10 % ahead.

here’s Rasmussen latest

For polling data released during the week of September 28-October 3, 2008, the partisan weighting targets used by Rasmussen Reports will be 39.0% Democratic, 33.6% Republican, and 27.4% unaffiliated. For the preceding week, September 21-27, 2008, the partisan weighting targets were 39.0% Democratic, 33.5% Republican, and 27.5% unaffiliated.

So. preserving this for the future.

Did I mention I watched all these maneuvers – executed for the other side?

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