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I didn’t expect to find anyone in the media say it, and since I did, it merits an entry by itself

De Moines Register said it

It was one of the most substantive debates in recent presidential campaign history and John McCain won it.
The Arizona senator was cool, informed and forceful in Friday’s first presidential debate of the general election campaign.
He repeatedly put Barack Obama on the defensive throughout the 90 minutes session. Obama did little to ease voter concerns that he’s experienced enough to handle foreign and defense policy.  That was  his number one task Friday night and he failed.
Instead he was often his old meandering self, unable to state a quick, forceful position.  Polls taken in the coming days should show McCain holding on to his trump card in the race – the view that he’s better equipped to be commander in chief.


When Obama tried his line about how McCain voted with George W. Bush 90 percent of the time, McCain slapped back by ticking off a lit of issues where he has disagreed with Bush – like torture, conduct of the war in Iraq and federal spending and Guantanamo Bay.  McCain never got rattled or flustered, he just constantly stayed focused on the attack.

but they expect Biden to win his. We’ll see.

oh, and Kissinger? Not buying Obama’s inerpretation of him

Henry Kissinger believes Barack Obama misstated his views on diplomacy with US adversaries and is not happy about being mischaracterized. He says: “Senator McCain is right

Сумасшедший креатив от фотографа Dimitri Daniloff

The tradition of answering second and copying with the speaker before continues…What she said becomes “”Senator McCain is absolutely right”

Besides that – McCain moved closer to getting my vote last night.

He was direct, clear, calm and sometimes funny. Obama was irritable, nervous, interrupted, shouted and managed to do that while still boring me.

Obama  made me tired – the effort to stay awake during his droning put me to sleep. 8 hours! Maybe it was the fact that my finely tuned BS detector got so badly overwhelmed with the amount and magbitude of lies.

While writing this, I found a McCain ad based on this

Interestingly, he plucks new examples of “what he said”

And in the same vein, “I got a bracelet too”

(reading the name that he didn’t bother to remember)

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