The Patriot Room thinks so, going by an obscure little note in Boston Herald

one of the presidential candidates will walk away with a mountain of votes. Zogby said Barack Obama still needs to sell himself to the country. If not, voters will likely side with β€œa comfortable old shoe.” That shoe is John McCain, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle quoted Zogby as saying

A bit of history: Zogby threw away its credibility in the primary – with blatanly false polls favoring Obama (notably his “wins” in californiam new hampshire and New jersey sent the media on embarrassing pursuits).

In the GE Zogby is been trying to get his credibility back.

This may be just Zogby trying to hedge his bets – if it happens, he’ll tout this coffe talk. If it doesn’t how many do know?

Or he knows something.


More details here

“Essentially the election is at equilibrium,” said John Zogby, president of Zogby International. “This election will stay close until the end.”

Zogby said he thinks the race will turn in the last weekend before Election Day and though the popular vote will be tight, the successful candidate will win in a landslide.

and cofirming Ron Bronstein’s observations added

“It is the center that is driving this election,” he said. “It is the center that will decide this election.”

These voters are looking for a problem-solver, someone who can manage the government competently, he said.

Seems he’s giving PUMAs a nod as well

I suspect he does imply it’ll be Obama because he says

Zogby later added that if the winner doesn’t kick off his presidency with a period of reform, he will risk alienating a generation of voters.

That Reagan/Carter comparison meme goes the same way too.

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