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National Journal has a fresh view on the election

This election will be decided primarily by voters who disapprove of President Bush but are uncertain that Barack Obama is the right person to replace him. And the decisions of those voters may turn largely on which candidate succeeds in persuading them to view the choice through the frame that he prefers.

To that end

McCain wants voters to focus on personal comparisons between him and Obama. At various times, McCain has stressed different aspects of that comparison — experience, values, ideology, or commitment to reform. He has touted his own qualifications and fiercely derided Obama’s. But the common theme is that McCain wants voters, as they step into the booth, primarily to be asking themselves: Which of these two individuals possesses the experiences, skills, and values I expect in a president?

and Obama on the other hand

Obama wants voters to see the election less as a referendum on two individuals than on two divergent directions for the country.

Which is ironic to say the least considering he just jettisoned the entire Democratic agenda and nobody knows anymore what he really stands for. But I do understand the reluctance to compare personalities at this point

The article follows these 2 strategies in the reactions to the latest crisis

The candidates’ initial responses to this month’s financial crisis perfectly captured their contrasting strategies. Obama immediately released an unusual two-minute TV ad in which he talked directly to the camera about his economic agenda, promised “real change,” and asked viewers to “read [his] economic plan.” McCain fired back with an ad that promised: “Experience and leadership in a time of crisis.” Obama stressed the plan; McCain, the man.

The conclusion

All this means that in the competition to frame the choice for the voters who could decide this election, events may play at least as large a role as either nominee.

Of course, there’s a name for those anti-bush voters…I shall call them…PUMA. And the author underestimates just a littleΒ  the degree these voters’ uncertainty.

While I am technically an undecided voter, my indecision is which non-Obama candidate shall I pick. And I am hardly alone.

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