It’s a headline written for PUMAs

This is the election you wouldn’t want to win

The bad news: November’s victor could be a one-term disaster. The good news: a great president may follow him

Mind you, I never bought the “better lose this one” arguments. I fielded them in 2000 and 2004. I think we needed a capable leader now, more than ever and I am angry we were deprived of that. by corruption and bigotry.

That being said the “bitter” PUMA in me can’t contain a little glee on this prediction for winner 2008

It is highly probable that that moment, the very hour that he takes office, will be the high point of his presidency.

I can live with that, no matter who wins. And they even say

When the votes are counted his people might ruefully conclude that the victor is not Barack Obama or John McCain. The real winner will be Hillary Clinton, or Mitt Romney, or Mike Huckabee, or some now happily anonymous figure whose star will rise in the next four turbulent years.

And the confirmation comes from Daschle, who knows a little bit about losing:

Tom Daschle, the former leader of the Senate Democrats, the national co-chairman of Mr Obama’s presidential campaign, and the likely White House chief of staff in an Obama administration. He told a Washington power breakfast that he thought the winner of the election would have a 50 per cent chance at best – at best – of winning a second term in 2012.

after going through the challenges at hand – financial and foreign policy cisis, they conclude

Then again, look carefully at those dates and consider a crueller possibility for this year’s winner: that desperate times like these actually produce both types of president, sequentially: a one-term disaster who paves the way for a true giant.

I am reminded of what kevin Phillips said to Bill Moyers

The Democrats think it’s going to be another 1933, they get in there, they can do all the New Deal stuff. My feeling is that they’re coming in halfway and they’re going to have to make hard decisions that are going to eat the Democratic coalition like a bologna sandwich. They’re going to start civil wars-

Now, a lot of Democrats in the labor movement are very nervous about Obama. They put out press releases talking about Rubin-nomics because they see that the flesh of the Democratic Party carries a lunchbox. But the new soul of the Democratic Party wears a pinstripe suit.


Politico has a similar article

Barack Obama says a John McCain victory would amount to a third term of the Bush presidency. What he doesn’t say: an Obama victory would, too.

So Bush’s legacy is not just his own. He has also written an expensive, painful opening chapter for the next guy.