Surprisingly, from NY Times

Two liberal groups – one of them directed by a brother of the Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean – will begin running a graphic attack advertisement Thursday morning raising questions about Senator John McCain’s health. Showing vivid and unflattering images of the fresh scar that appeared on Senator McCain’s face immediately after his last operation for melanoma skin cancer eight years ago,

and how is this legitimate?

the commercial ends with a screen headline that reads, “Why won’t John McCain release his medical records?”

and again, surprisingly NY Times tells us

(Mr. McCain, 72, did invite a limited group of reporters to inspect more than 1,100 pages of his medical records in May, though he gave them only a three-hour window in which to review the documents.)

They had previously a real swiftboating ad, getting a fellow POW to slander McCain. Now this

“We think this is an election issue,’’ said Mr. Woodhouse of Brave New PAC. When asked why the groups chose to show such graphic imagery of Mr. McCain’s scars, Mr. Woodhouse said, “We have pictures of him with a scar to show that he has a history of surgery.”

A history of surgery – let’s see – tonsilectomy, apendectomy and a few teeth extractions – seems I am unqualified too. Like most people in this country.

A history of surgery….from the Doctor’s brother. You know what they say: be careful what you wish for. You may get it

the ad

Some people would think surviving caner is a cause for celebration rather than mockery. I wrote American Cancer Society about that asking for a statement condemning this.


AP article on this also ads

Obama has not released his medical records. His campaign instead released a one-page letter in May from his longtime physician, Chicago internist Dr. David L. Scheiner, that summarized 21 years of medical records and described Obama’s health as excellent.

Interesting NY Times missed this one. And typical for the hypocrisy in this campaign.

We also have a statement from McCain’s campaign

“The fact that Howard Dean’s brother and an adviser to the Obama campaign are behind despicable and cheap smear ads against Sen. McCain is deeply disappointing, but in no way surprising,” said RNC spokesman Danny Diaz. “Barack Obama has promised Americans an elevated debate offering nothing but gutter, Chicago-style politics.”

Under the circumstances, it’s an understatement