This report will be dismissed by a large swath of B0bots as it comes from the DLC.

But whatever you may think of them, it’s the first sane opinion since Brazile took the airways and declared “we don’t need the working class anymore”

Funny they had to make a report to say i. I call it “The Duh Report”

The report, titled “Who are the swing voters,” finds that the party must make historic inroads with working class whites in order to create a sustainable presidential majority.

Reminds me of those medical studies that confirm that “chicken soup is indeed good for you”

“There has been so much emphasis on new entrants in the electorate, and this report is historic and not predictive, but history tells us it would be an unusual circumstance if we witnessed a massive shift in the electorate,” the DLC analysis reads.

The report calculates that a 10 percent increase in black voter turnout amounts to a 1-percentage point uptick in the overall electorate
, assuming all other groups remain constant.

Again, how many ways can one say “Duh”?

That means that if the black voting rate rises from 60 percent to 67.2, the level of whites as measured by the Census Bureau, it amounts to 1.7 million votes— less than George W. Bush’s margin of victory in 2004.

I’ll let the comments on this fall by the wayside. A more correct historical perspective

Obama did poorest in the Democratic primaries with white working class voters. Like Gary Hart, Paul Tsongas, and Howard Dean, Obama was most popular with what are sometimes referred to as “wine track Democrats,” college educated, while Hillary Clinton eventually coalesced those commonly called “beer track Democrats,” working class.

and more examples

In 2004, Democrat John Kerry lost working class white men by 30 percentage points and working class white women by 19 points–using the DLC’s definition. In 2000, Bush won working class white men by 31 points and working class white women by 9 points.

According to the DLC’s definition of the white working class, according to the most recent poll by the Pew Research Center for People & the Press, McCain is winning women by 18 points and men by 23 points. Like with whites overall, it appears some traditional GOP voters remain undecided and so McCain’s numbers actually tack low as well as Obama’s.

So, you racist, bitter old and uneducated – you may vote for Obama now. We’ll even stop calling you racist – at least on Election Day!