I am using the metaphor Wes Clark applied to NCLB and public education

I think, by the same measure, Obama was TPTB of permanently neutralizing the Democratic party as the party of the people.

Take a candidate who s “not so invested in the fights of the 60’s and the 70s” but thanks to his skin color can pretend long enough he represents democrats

Finance well and make the grassroots think they have a voice in this thing

Build a separate structure while starving the party

Flip Flop and eventually jettison the entire platform.

I had glimpses of this takeover before

Make no mistake about it, the only thing the new Democratic Party has in common with the old one is the name. ItÒ€s like the creature from the movie Alien. The party was forcibly impregnated by usurpers that grew from the inside out, eventually shedding its host and killing it in the process.””

And that explains the willingness of the forces that brought us Bush to support this guy

For all intents and purposes

and if they get away with it, the Bush times will be remembered as


Which in no small measure, was the point.