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per Politico, Obama already found the excuse to take back just about all his campaign promises

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said in an interview aired Tuesday that the cost of the mortgage bailout plan may rein in his ambitious plans for health care, energy, education and infrastructure.

This is a blank check flip-flop:

“Does that mean that I can do everything that I’ve called for in this campaign right away?” Obama said. “Probably not. I think we’re going to have to phase it in. And a lot of it’s going to depend on what our tax revenues look like.”

I guess it moves to the top of the flip-flop list

It should go in history as the fastest a politician reneged on ALL his promises

Adding McCain’s ad summing it up: More taxes, no leadership

This amounts to Obama renouncing the entire Democratic platform.

Which makes sense as some already noticed, he’s been separating himself from the party right from the start

and as Papau commented to this entry, he was never going to implement anything anywau

In Feb on the Larry Kudlow show on CNBC his chief economic adviser told Larry that Larry should have no worries the deficit increases caused by all those proposed social programs costing money with no increase in taxes. He said there would be no increase in the deficit from Obama’s programs because “We do not expect them to pass”. Larry saw the error the Obama spokesperson had made in revealing “just campaign talk” as the Obama slogan, and looking surprised immediately changed the subject – because NBC wanted an Obama win over Clinton.

Update October 14

At a fundraiser in Philadephia, Oama let a few more peeks into this

“We’re going to have to make some priorities, we’re going to have to cut some things out,” he said, referring to expensive goals such as improving health care, schools and college affordability.

“I’m going to be in some fights with my own Democratic Party in getting some of that done,” he said.

Update November 2

Still making pledges – CBS called him on the cost

Without question, the Barack Obama infomercial served as a very slick and powerful recitation of the biggest promises he’s made as a presidential candidate. But the very bigness of his ideas is the problem: he seems blind to the concept his numbers don’t add up.

Obama has already proposed a new stimulus package of $188 billion over two years. His tax cuts will cost $85 billion a year. His “army of new teachers”: $18 billion; Renewable energy: $15 billion. CBS News and various independent experts estimate Obama’s total first year spending could exceed $280 billion.

Still Obama repeated his claim he can find the money to pay for every proposal.

Fox reports on several instance when the two were publicly out of sync

Besides the reaction to the McCain ad incident

now Obama

criticized his running mate for voicing opposition to the government bailout of American International Group early last week.

“I think … that in that situation, I think Joe should have waited, as well,” Obama said.

He was referring to Biden’s interview with NBC last Tuesday in which he said, “I don’t think (AIG) should be bailed out by the federal government.”

Interestingly enough,

Having censured Biden for his remarks, Obama continued to criticize McCain Tuesday for initially opposing federal action on AIG.

And the article doesn’t mention Biden’s opposition to clean coal

That is what Biden said, apparently reflecting his primary position, despite having taken Obama’s pro-clean coal position just days earlier.

Biden spokesman David Wade called McCain’s statement “yet another false attack from a dishonorable campaign,” though the real error here seems to have been Biden’s.

Considering the rumors swirling about Obama thinking to replace Biden with Hillary at some point, many think Obama keeps Biden out of the loop on purpose, causing these incidents.

I don’t know if this is the case, but I live stocking those rumors so, why not?

11 years old was suspended from school for refusing to remove that shirt reports Fox

Daxx Dalton, a fifth grader at Aurora Frontier K-8 School in Aurora, Colo., wore the homemade shirt on a day when students were asked to show their patriotism by wearing red, white and blue, according to

Not only did he refursed to turn the shirt inside out, but said

“They’re taking away my right of freedom of speech,” he said. “If I have the right to wear this shirt I’m going to use it. And if the only way to use it is get suspended, then I’m going to get suspended.”

Somehow, the twist is

The school district would not discuss the case, but said the district “respects a student’s right to free speech, such as the right to wear specific clothing,” but they reserve the right to review any situation that interrupts the learning environment, reported.

Dalton’s suspension was for willful disobedience and defiance, not for wearing the shirt. His father said he intends to sue the district.

Everything is upside down…

It must be so since Newsweek says it

And, since this is a poll, numbers do the talking:

An Associated Press-Yahoo News poll shows that among adults who backed his rival during their bitter primary campaign, 58 percent now support Obama. That is the same percentage who said so in June, when Clinton ended her bid and urged her backers to line up behind the Democratic senator from Illinois

So, we still are 42%? Cool!

It seems that all that switching over after the Speech at the Temple didn’t quite take. (Maybe because of that fabulous roll call)

The poll shows that while Obama has gained ground among Clinton’s supporters — 69 percent view him favorably now, up 9 percentage points from June — this has yet to translate into more of their support.

and surprise:

Those supporting McCain have also edged up from 21 percent to 28 percent, with the number of undecided staying constant, the survey showed

and obviously we are stooopid

As during her primary battle against Obama, Clinton supporters are likelier to be female, white and less educated than those who did not back her.

But at least they sneak a number here and there

One in four Clinton backers say they’ve not yet locked into a candidate

More analysis of this poll at the Confluence

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Tapper reports

In an interview that aired on CBS, Sen. Barack Obama’s running mate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., distanced himself from an Obama-Biden TV ad.

Katie Couric asked Biden about the “tone of the campaign” adding that “you guys haven’t been completely guilt-free, making fun of John McCain’s inability to use a computer.”

Biden said, in no uncertain terms:

“I thought that was terrible by the way,” Biden said of the ad.

“Why’d you do it then?” asked Couric.

“I didn’t know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we would have never done it,” Biden said, “and I don’t think Barack, you know, I just think…I don’t think there was anything intentional about that, they were trying to make another point.”

But later, apparently, he was taken to task by Obama and returned with the talking points:

Having now reviewed the ad, it is even more clear to me that, given the disgraceful tenor of Sen. McCain’s ads and their persistent falsehoods, his campaign is in no position to criticize, especially when they continue to distort Barack’s votes on an issue as personal as keeping kids safe from sexual predators.”

You see? An ad needs to be reviewed with the right people around to be understood…..

And human decency has no place in a campaign.

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