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Christopher Hitchens is worried.

This is his subtitle

Why is Obama so vapid, hesitant, and gutless?

He goes over the 3 reasons Obama hasn’t closed the deal and I’ll only quote the third

The third is that Obama does not, and perhaps even cannot, represent “change” for the very simple reason that the Democrats are a status quo party.

And then he rips into Obama for a while

Why is Obama so vapid and hesitant and gutless? Why, to put it another way, does he risk going into political history as a dusky Dukakis? Well, after the self-imposed Jeremiah Wright nightmare, he can’t afford any more militancy, or militant-sounding stuff, even if it might be justified

But then, he is Snitchens, after all, the rest is an attack on Hillary (apparently it’s her fault people think Obama is Muslim).

In fact, it seems the sole reason for this column is to, once again, ward of the Clinton danger.

He is merely flogging his Obama horse to take him away, far from the Clintons.

behold the apocalyptic future he paints:

I suppose this could even mean that Sarah Palin, down the road, will end up holding the door open for Hillary Clinton. Such joy!

We know, Snitchens, we know. Hell on you, right?

FYI, you were not the first to use the metaphor. I have another one right here

It’s what he said on 60 minutes. It’s what he has going for him.

As David Brooks said: “Obama loves the future because that’s where all his accomplishments are”

I too have a good track record in beliefs: i have believed – for at least 16 years that whomever, whatever the media pushes on me is highly suspect and will be bad for m and the country

On the same show, McCain made some heads explode when

McCain floated the name of prominent Democrat Andrew Cuomo to take over the Securities and Exchange Commission. McCain said Cuomo would “restore some credibility and lend some bipartisanship to this effort,” and conceded that “the Bush administration has failed.

Also, Obama neutralizes the race issue?

Obama said he would lose some votes in November and gain others strictly because he is black, making the race issue “a wash.”

Nice if you could trust him, but he played good cop one too many times while his surrogates kept flogging the mule, so…sorry, I don’t buy it.

To the lack of experience objection, he sounded just like W:

“One of the things I’m good at is getting people in a room with a bunch of different ideas, who sometimes violently disagree with each other, and finding common ground and a sense of common direction,”

W too thought he had this gift – just his body language would bring peace in the ME. We know how that one turned out. How about an actual leader this time? yeah, I know – she had to be sent away for lack of penis.

Some good points in a Weekly Standard analysis on the Palin effect. After mentioning the over the top reactions in the media

At the same time the Quinns and Marcuses were declaring themselves affronted beyond all endurance, and declaring that women were far too independent, too diverse, and too clever to move as a

herd in any direction; they were also asserting, on behalf of all women, that all women would surely reject this cynical, ham-fisted ploy.

Then they had to deal with the reality shock: they were NOT speaking for all women:

How stunned they must have been several days later when polls showed a move to McCain by white women and by independents. How could this have happened?

So the old-fashioned feminists have fallen back on the old theme of false consciousness; that women who don’t agree with them aren’t really women at all. This has been used before–even against Hillary, as when abortion doyenne Kate Michelman endorsed of all people John Edwards as being the best woman, or the best man for women, in the Democratic primary race.

and on PUMAs

Hillary’s backers, though, appear to be split, with some in really high dudgeon at Palin, while others show muted pleasure in Obama’s discomfort. One Hillary fundraiser even started a website to track sexist slurs. All in all, gender politics is a delicate subject. As one blogger on the right observed, “the thought of watching progressives tie themselves in knots over the next two months trying to square the inevitable attacks on the ‘bimbo’ beauty queen with poor, poor Hillary’s sexist treatment by the media is worth it even if we lose.”

Another section is on Hillary’s Angle. Being Weekly Standard, it’s all snarky, but makes sense at times:

As Amy Holmes put it on CNN’s website, “In a strange twist of logic, the Obama campaign is touting the woman they passed over as the woman they need to beat the woman the other guy picked.” That sound you hear–along with a small snort from Hillary–is the weight of power in the Democratic scale sliding back to the side of the Clintons. After he made a point of stressing how little she matters, he now seems to need her more than ever. And she, of course, does not need him.

After comparing Hillary’s situation with each outcome of the election (better off with McCain), they say

Ever since Sarah Palin entered the campaign, both she and Hillary Clinton have observed a well-behaved truce. In her first speech, Palin praised Clinton (and 1984 Democratic VP nominee Geraldine Ferraro, both of whom crossed swords in the spring with Obama), and Clinton responded with a gracious and welcoming note of her own. Since then, neither of these two extremely acute politicians has uttered a cross personal word.

And so, Hillary is missing in action from the Palin–hating brigade

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At least one smear you tube video – the secessionist party smear is being traced to Obama campaign connections

a subdivision of one of the largest public relations firms in the world most likely started and promulgated rumors about Sarah Palin that were known to be false. These rumors were spread in a surreptitious manner to avoid exposure. It is also likely that the PR firm was paid by outside sources to run the smear campaign. While not conclusive, evidence suggests a link to the Barack Obama campaign.

and to me, the more interesting finds

This suggests that false rumors and outright lies about Sarah Palin and John McCain being spread on the internet are being orchestrated by political partisans and are not an organic grassroots phenomenon led by the left wing fringe.

Relevant to me – is that the blog and the forum they mention are the same ones in the forefront of the “not her baby” smear: DU and Kos

stickyfngz_du_post.gifWho is this “stckyfngz” who posted the video at The Democratic Underground the day after “eswinner” uploaded it to YouTube? There is evidence that leads us to believe that the “stckyfngz” who posted the video at DU is named Jared Liu-Klein.

as a confirmation – signs of newspeak

UPDATE: Within an hour of this post going up, YouTube videos implicating Ethan Winner were yanked, sockpuppet accounts deleted, and more importantly, the Wikipedia entry on David Axelrod began to edit out mentions of his well know astroturfing campaigns. Hmmm, it sounds to me like we’re on to something.

And in the same vein – Palin e-mail hacker meet the FBI

A person who identified himself as a witness tells 10 News that agents with the FBI served a federal search warrant at the Fort Sanders residence of David Kernell early Sunday morning. Kernell lives in the Commons apartment complex at 1115 Highland Ave.

David Kernell is the son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis.
and now for some action:

According to the witness, several agents arrived at The Commons of Knoxville around midnight.They presented their badges upon entering Kernell’s apartment, where several students were having a party, and took down their names.

Witnesses say Kernell and his friends fled the apartment when the FBI agents arrived.

I guess not ready to face the consequences? Too bad:

Kernell’s three roommates were also subpoenaed, and must testify this week in Chattanooga, according to the witness.

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