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Video of the wonderful PUMA speaking out here

One of the extremely few positive stories out there about McCain captures somewhat what really happens out there, away from medialand

At a town hall meeting tonight, John McCain deferred to Sarah Palin, Palin deferred to McCain and both sang the other’s praises before an adoring crowd at the Grand Rapids Community College.

It was the first time Palin, the governor of Alaska and brand new running mate for McCain, took questions from voters.

the account is incomplete and somewhat snarky

Another voter asked Palin if she would respond to critics who say she is not ready to deal with foreign policy questions.

“I think because I’m a Washington outsider, opponents are going to be looking at a whole lot of things to tear down the ticket,” she said, adding that she has the confidence to serve.

“You can ask me, you can even play stump the candidate if you like,” said Palin.

But before anyone could, McCain jumped in to remind voters that Palin is commander of the Alaska National Guard.

So, what did The Swamp leave out?

Fortunately for us, WMCB posted it in a commentary at the Confluence

HOLY SHIT! A PUMA just stood up in John McCain’s Michigan town hall and LAID IT OUT THERE!

She talked about being disenfranchised, as a lifelong Democrat. She talked about the denial of the true roll call vote by the DNC, and how McCain had welcomed Hillary voters. She says that she is a PUMA, and several in the crowd yelled: We love you!

She said that the media says that Hillary voters are not going to McCain, and they are WRONG. Palin started talking about Title X, and how it helped her, and that there may need to be more legislation to provide more opportunities for women. McCain talked about the ENFORCEMENT of existing discrimination laws, and more women in Congress and other govt.

Occasionally we get to be our media. And what gets left out on the cutting floor by the big boys tells the story

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