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The sophomoric fluff at Politico gets more ridiculus by the day – with the rationalization for Obama’s “wins”. You won’t believe what earned Obama his victory today:

Obama-Biden didn’t do anything especially noteworthy today, but then they really didn’t have to.

That kinda sums up the coverage of this election.

Update September 19


Speculation that the Bush administration was developing a comprehensive plan jolted Wall Street on Thursday and sent stocks higher. The Dow ended 410 points higher.


TIME reports

McCain camp topper tells reporters on the candidate’s plane en route to Cedar Rapids he thinks Obama and the Democrats are milking the economic crisis for political gain.

Much as Dolce Crawley said the economic problems are exactly what Obama wanted, it seems

McCain’s (et al) solution worked

The Senate is apparently working on such a resolution behind the scenes and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said he is seriously considering this move.  Reports that the government was serious in its efforts to stabilize the banking industry caused a huge jump in the markets.  As of this writing, the market has made about a 500 point swing.

and another comment – “I told you so” to CNN

Mind you, as madamab at Confluence reports, Harry reid tried his best to keep the mess going

ABC News’ Z. Byron Wolf reports from Capitol Hill: Don’t look for any legislation in the near future to address the financial crisis.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, asked today what new regulatory actions Congress can take, said, bluntly, “No one knows what to do. We are in new territory here. This is a different game. We’re not here playing soccer, basketball or football, this is a new game and we’re going to have to figure out how to do it.”

I hope it will be remembered that the democrats were playing with our life savings to install their candidate.

a video tries to answer

and McCain’s ad on the same theme


Hot Air caught this new insult from Michelle

Michelle Obama says voters need to decide this election by examining the issues, not because they like a candidate or think “she’s cute.”

Obama spoke in Charlotte on Thursday morning at a women’s round-table on economic issues. The crowd roared at her remark disparaging voters who might cast a ballot because of a woman’s looks, a clear jab at Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin.

Obama tried to clarify her remark with a smile, saying she was talking about herself.

Great use of W.O.R.M here! Because – of course, voters were going for Obama in droves because they love Michelle so much – and she wanted to make sure it’s for a better reason. Or else, they should vote for the less cure ticket???

Even better

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