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Lynette Long does a very brave thing in this article: she makes the case for identity politics. No, slly, not racial identity! That would be easy: 93% blacks voting for the black candidate is a matter of pride – no one dared question this.

No, Long dares to tackle that other identity – the shameful one – the gender identity.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin knows what it is like to be a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister – things the two men on the Democratic ticket can never fully understand. She knows what it is like to grow up invisible in an incredibly sexist society, to be stared at, groped and sexually harassed. She knows what it’s like to worry that you are pregnant when you don’t want to be or that you are not pregnant when you want to be.

Wow! Them’s fighting words. And to make matters worse, she dares to tell us what a woman voter experience was with the two candidates (yes, beyond the Hillary experience)

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She recounts:

After the Democratic primaries, I and a small group of Hillary Clinton supporters met with Sen. John McCain. I explained to him that women comprise more than half of the population, yet are underrepresented in every branch of government. I asked him to choose a woman for the vice presidential slot and to increase the number of women in the Cabinet and on the Supreme Court. Mr. McCain listened respectfully to my request.

After the Democratic Primary, I was contacted by a member of Sen. Barack Obama‘s Finance Committee, and we had numerous contentious conversations. I finally told him I would be happy to vote for Mr. Obama and rally other Hillary Clinton supporters, but in return I wanted Mr. Obama to pledge gender parity in the Cabinet.

“What if there aren’t qualified women – you still expect us to appoint half women to the Cabinet?” he replied. “There are 300 million people in this country; you’re telling me you can’t find 10 qualified women?” I said.

He responded, “You can’t have that.” We had no further conversations.

As a regular voter I only experienced patronizing and insults indirectly from the Obama campaign (“get over it” Where else can you go” ) and the like.

Right now Newsweek celebrates women not having to be taken seriously

Since women’s suffrage, pollsters and politicians have had trouble getting a bead on the female voteβ€”probably because there is no such thing

A PUMA recounts listening to a young woman say:

“Honestly, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we really have to pray that the misogyny in this country is greater than the racism.”

So, for those of us still sane:

So, one candidate is trying to earn my vote. The other is holding me down and calls me names. Which should I pick?

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Thanks to Riverdaughter for discovering this – I had to have it as an entry

to watch over and over again

Oh, and posting again the latest RCP EV map


heard of it from the B0bots, as I don’t watch THAT. No context given. Just the statement followed by #@&^!!

As I appreciate the value of statements against interest, and Todd is suposedly their “numbers man”, I thought I’d spread it.

When did that happen? A new poll shows

With 51 days before Election Day, Barack Obama and John McCain are tied with 45 percent support, raising the stakes in the campaign.

Seems McCain made up 13 points difference

The poll found that McCain has made gains across the board since a May Minnesota Poll that showed him trailing by 13 points.

Yeayyyy!Β  We just got ourselves a brand new battleground state!

I think Obama was right when he declared back in New Hampshire:

I am probably the only candidate who can redraw the map

For historical perspective, Minnesota hasn’t gone red since 1972

SUSA also showed McCain ahead by 2 one month ago

682 Likely Voters All Gender Age <50 / 50+ Age Race Party Affiliation Ideology College Grad Attend Religious Service Abortion Change Your Mind Top Issue For Next President Income Region
Margin of Sampling Error: Β± 3.8% Male Female 18-34 35-49 50-64 65+ 18-49 50+ < Obama > McCain > In Bet White Black Hispanic Other Republic Democrat Independ Conserva Moderate Liberal Yes No Regularl Occasion Almost N Pro-life Pro-choi Could Ch Mind Mad Economy Environm Health C Iraq Terroris Social S Educatio Immigrat < $50K > $50K Twin Cit South MN West MN Northeas
McCain (R) 45% 48% 41% 43% 46% 45% 45% 44% 45% 44% 46% 45% 45% ** ** ** 89% 8% 44% 83% 37% 12% 43% 46% 54% 37% 35% 65% 31% 44% 47% 44% ** 35% 18% 94% ** ** 79% 37% 49% 45% 45% 43% 42%
Obama (D) 47% 45% 50% 51% 44% 49% 46% 47% 48% 48% 42% 48% 46% ** ** ** 8% 86% 42% 11% 55% 82% 49% 45% 38% 55% 57% 28% 61% 39% 50% 50% ** 54% 73% 6% ** ** 11% 52% 44% 46% 47% 48% 50%


The electoral map updated with Minnesota

Willie Brown makes sense

Thanks to Sarah Palin, this is no longer a contest between Barack Obama and John McCain – it’s between Brother Barack and Sistah Sarah.

Rock star vs. rock star. Inexperienced vs. inexperienced. Newcomer vs. newcomer. Change vs. change.

His “change” is East Coast intellectual. Her “change” is NASCAR.

His change is wine and cheese. Her change is mayonnaise by the gallon.

This confuses me. I love wine and cheese and mayonnaise by the gallon. oh,God, whom shall I vote for?

Still, his patronizing and disdain are minuscule in the larger picture

It’s pretty much a hot one, a cold one. After saying Obama must rally the blacks stealthily for some strange reason, he gets it right again

And forget the comedy, Barack. You are not naturally funny and you do not speak “street.” You speak like a professor. And you do not know how to set up a joke.

That “lipstick on a pig” line clearly backfired.

If you had said, “As John McCain said about Hillary Clinton’s health care … lipstick on a pig is still a pig,” at least you would have had a frame of reference to fall back on.

You didn’t, you left yourself left wide open and you got nailed. Now everything you say will be double-examined for sexism.

Poor baby! Next, Brown reads a bit too much in a fundraiser in San Francisco

On the bright side, as far as Obama is concerned, is that the Susie Buells of the world – the hard-core Hillary supporters – are starting to get worried. That might translate into some action.

They had a thank-you party for the donors to the new California Academy of Sciences out at Golden Gate Park the other night, and I don’t mean the people who gave like $5,000.

Maybe you should look to the non-Susie Buells of the world, the Hillary supporters who give McCain double digit advantage in women voters in polls.

Or maybe not. Let them stay soothed.

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