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The article is almost meaningless compared to this

..Pssst! Should we tell them elections are up to the people? Or just let them live up to the magazine name?

The comments at Lynn Sweet’s blog are better than anything SNL had in the past 25 years:

The Senator needs to be ready just in case a “national call” goes out for Community Organizers for Galveston and Houston. Once the water has reeeded, he can go and walk through the devastated areas, careful to not get his feet wet or hands dirty, and shake hands, pat some backs and act like he is in charge.

Has he ever worked for a living?

or this one

What is he out walking on water again? He is on the ropes!!! He is so full of crap he floats…what difference do you think it makes to anybody whether he appears on SNL or not…let’s see…he had fake Roman buildings…spoke to Europe like he was a ‘real’ statesman…created a fake presidential style seal with his name on it…ever heard the saying Pride Goes Before a Fall???…but he is on the ropes from a one two McCain Palin Punch…who would vote for this fool…? The Foolish.

So many jokes, so little time….

But since this is Schadenfreude day – Ha!Ha! NBC!

According to Telegraph UK, the partys love affair with Obama is over.

Barack Obama and his senior advisers are under fire for ignoring the advice of Democratic senators and governors who are concerned that they do not know how to beat John McCain.

Seems that the know-it-all attitude in the face of loss is grating

The Sunday Telegraph has learned that senators, governors and union leaders who have experience of winning hard-fought races in swing states have been bombarding Obamas campaign headquarters with telephone calls offering advice. But many of those calls have not been returned.

Could these be the same superdelegates WE were bombarding with requests to pick the best candidate?

Party leaders and commentators say that the Democrat candidate spent too much of the summer enjoying his own popularity and not enough defining his positions on the economy – the number one issue for voters – or reaching out to those blue collar workers whose votes he needs if he is to beat Mr McCain.

Others concede that his trip to Europe was a distraction that enhanced his celebrity status rather than his electability on Main Street, USA.

Hey, only 3 weeks ago you threw away the roll call – who needs one, we have our Messiah!

The article is filled with delicious such quotes

Other Democrats are openly mocking of Mr Obama’s much vaunted “50-state strategy”, in which he spends money campaigning throughout the US in the hope that it will force Mr McCain to divert funds to previously safe states. Critics say a utopian belief in bringing the nation together has trumped the cold electoral calculus that is necessary to triumph in November.

The Democratic strategist said: “My Republican friends think its mad. Before Sarah Palin came along we were investing money in Alaska, for Christ’s sake, that could have been spent in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“It assumes Republicans are stupid and, when it comes to winning elections, they’re not.”

and the ending is good

On Thursday Mr Obama did take advice from Bill Clinton, who is understood to have suggested ways to show those workers that he cares, an area where the former president excelled.

But it is a measure of his plight that the man who derailed the ambitions of Mrs Clinton, the most powerful woman in Democratic politics, now needs help from her husband to overcome the popularity of another alpha female who may be an even greater risk to his White House ambitions.

to which I can only add:


Update of September 14

Riverdaughter has the perfect video to go with this

Not Your Sweetie

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