Fascinating audio of radio interview

I hadn’t realized Pacifica too had became an Obama surrogate. But on the bright side, they didn’t expect Gravel to be honest in his answers. It’s a fun 9 minutes in which theyy throw everything but the kithen sink at Gravel – inexperience, troopergate and the crotch-sniffing manufactured issues – and they don’t get any validation from the Alaskan Senator ! Who takes on Obama/Biden pro-war stands in the end – that’s when they had to cut him off! They are “Pacifica” after all!

It makes me feel good about my first choice as a candidate in this race!

Update with transcript

MG: — Wait a second, wait a second! ‘Troopergate’ is gonna come out in her favor when they really get down to the details of it. This trooper should’ve been fired! And the unions didn’t wanna step up to the plate, oh, no, I, I gotta tell ya, ‘Troopergate’– this is, this is a guy that shouldn’t be wearing a badge! <He?> not only threatened people’s lives, evidently —

and the magnifient ending

MG: No way, and nor will I vote for Obama. Here, stop and think: why did I leave the Democratic party? The Democratic Party is a party of war! I mean, we would not be in Iraq if it hadn’t been for the Democrats. It wasn’t just the Republicans and the President. We would not be giving Bush the power to invade Iran <?Irag?> — it was the Democrats and Republicans in Congress that made that possible. It’s the Democrats and Republicans that have funded this whole debacle. Here, all — here, McCain, Obama and Biden — they got all this experience in foreign policy — they are the ones that are supporting, in their political positions, American imperialism and where we spend more on defense than all the rest of the world —

SK: <interrupting> Thank you.