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To the cry “I didn’t mean “her” from Obama, proof to the contrary: here comes the same talking point from a surrogate

Indeed earlier in the day, Missouri Rep. Russ Carnahan, appearing at a speech by Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, said that Palin is “someone with zero experience in national government, zero experience in foreign affairs. There’s no way you can dress up that record, even with a lot of lipstick.”

OK, so it’s the NY tabloids page one – but considering the previous pampering The One got from them, some shift has happened

and the competition – former Obama endorser in the primary:

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and their article

And in Dayton, Ohio, today, another Obama crowd cheered “No pit bulls! No pit bulls!” – a reference to Palin’s joke.

And before anyone cries foul (and they do) see the reactions of the crowd in the video and the gif – they were not coincidental

When he was being a pig about Hillary (I’m gonna brush that bitch off)

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and the best take on this comes from Canada

More Poignant: Red Lipstick on a Pig, Or Green Envy on an Outsmarted Community Organizer?

A bitterly chastened Barack Obama is striking out like a rattlesnake in heat now that a gun-toting, soon to be Grandma from Alaska has stolen his thunder, absconded with his female voters, fleeced five million dollars from Chicago donors who should know better, and ripped off his mojo.

This is what happens in the big leagues of politics when a sexist community organizer casts off a 60s-something feminist and her 18 million votes like so many worthless American flags at a Democratic convention.

and it magnificently ends with:

Speak to us again, Holy Community Organizer!


And while Obama plays innocent with what he meant, his supporters who collect money for him, got the idea



And no, it’s not Kristol, or Brooks. This time it’s Friedman, a self-confessed fan…He opens:

If John McCain can win this election race with a 50-pound ball called “George W. Bush” wrapped around one ankle and a 50-pound ball called “The U.S. Economy” wrapped around the other, then he deserves to represent America in the next Olympics in any race he wants — swimming, cycling or track — I don’t care how old he is. He would be the Michael Phelps of politics.

equivocation, equivocation, mumble, mumble, he ends

Because, while the pollsters tell us it is still really close, my own totally unscientific, seat of the pants poll tells me this: When you say Obama’s name today and ask people for their first impression — a quick, flash, gut, first impression — no single word or phrase or policy comes to mind. His opponents will fill that vacuum if he doesn’t. They already are.

Wow! The wonders never cease! Will I live to see MoDo give up on her Darcy too?

PS. For those who missed it, the illustration is an homage to NYT’s Bob Herbert who used to be decent until this election

Being a NBC poll they managed to keep Obama one point ahead and they are massaging the comments as much as they can for the candidate they surrogate for

Indeed, if it weren’t for the bounce that McCain appears to have received after the Palin pick, the attention would be on much of the progress Obama has made in this poll.

but ultimately this is a tie

In that poll, Obama holds a narrow one-point lead over McCain (47-46 percent), which is down from his three-point advantage in August (45-42 percent) and six-point edge in July (47-41 percent)

To me, this is the key finding

And just a month ago, McCain trailed Obama by 20 points among women ages 18 to 49. Now the Arizona Republican leads by three points.

That’s a 23 points swing and it matches the finding of yesterday’s ABC/Wapo poll and Rasmussen, making CNN with its reverse gender gap the joke I said they were.

And to end on a comical note, let’s look at that cheerful spin again:

Indeed, if it weren’t for the bounce that McCain appears to have received after the Palin pick, the attention would be on much of the progress Obama has made in this poll.

Indeed, if he didn’t have an opponent, Obama were to be congratulated….But since he unfortunately has, and we can’t think of a reason to ask McCain to withdraw, let’s give him props anyway.

As the Starr family would say: “pats for Patrick” for recognizing his parents

Others start to notice:

Could Clinton have Palin-proofed Dems?

Republican Rep. Candice S. Miller says Barack Obama had only one shot at Palin-proofing the Democratic ticket — and he missed it when he passed over Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate.

“Every woman in America knows what Barack Obama did to Hillary Clinton: He looked at her and thought, ‘There’s no way I’m doing that,’” said Miller. “If Hillary was on the ticket, he’d be in a much better position to win women voters.”

Sarah Palin’s presence — coupled with Clinton’s absence — may be altering one of the great verities of American politics: that women voters overwhelmingly favor Democrats.


Gallup tracking has McCain maintaining his 5 pts lead

The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update finds John McCain continuing to lead Barack Obama, 48% to 43% among registered voters.


Fascinating audio of radio interview

I hadn’t realized Pacifica too had became an Obama surrogate. But on the bright side, they didn’t expect Gravel to be honest in his answers. It’s a fun 9 minutes in which theyy throw everything but the kithen sink at Gravel – inexperience, troopergate and the crotch-sniffing manufactured issues – and they don’t get any validation from the Alaskan Senator ! Who takes on Obama/Biden pro-war stands in the end – that’s when they had to cut him off! They are “Pacifica” after all!

It makes me feel good about my first choice as a candidate in this race!

Update with transcript

MG: — Wait a second, wait a second! ‘Troopergate’ is gonna come out in her favor when they really get down to the details of it. This trooper should’ve been fired! And the unions didn’t wanna step up to the plate, oh, no, I, I gotta tell ya, ‘Troopergate’– this is, this is a guy that shouldn’t be wearing a badge! <He?> not only threatened people’s lives, evidently —

and the magnifient ending

MG: No way, and nor will I vote for Obama. Here, stop and think: why did I leave the Democratic party? The Democratic Party is a party of war! I mean, we would not be in Iraq if it hadn’t been for the Democrats. It wasn’t just the Republicans and the President. We would not be giving Bush the power to invade Iran <?Irag?> — it was the Democrats and Republicans in Congress that made that possible. It’s the Democrats and Republicans that have funded this whole debacle. Here, all — here, McCain, Obama and Biden — they got all this experience in foreign policy — they are the ones that are supporting, in their political positions, American imperialism and where we spend more on defense than all the rest of the world —

SK: <interrupting> Thank you.

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