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After decided some hundred times to NOt attack Palin – Obama can’t help himself

He is now doing Don Rickles to his adoring crowd:

Palin’s bio is “compelling,” Obama said.

The crowd booed. “No, it’s an interesting story.” More boos. “No, no, it is. I mean that sincerely. Mother, governor, moose shooter.”

The crowd broke out in laughter. “That’s cool. That’s cool. That’s cool stuff,” Obama said.

Wow! His cult members laughed! So, it must be funny…That’s 3 things Obama can’t be and seems to despise. And it’s contempt like this that will send the voters to the mother and away from the Don Rickles wannabe Don’t mess with the mothers, BO!


Can Obama get lower? Yes he can!

You can put lipstick on a pig,” he said to an outbreak of laughter, shouts and raucous applause from his audience, clearly drawing a connection to Palin’s joke even if it’s not what Obama meant. “It’s still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still going to stink after eight years.”

and since many tried to defend this – like the finger and shoulder brushing – here’s the video with the public reaction to it – they clearly got the dig

….compare to this reaction:

Posted Image

and the flipping the bird video

And Kirsten Powers

Obama’s toughest challenge has always been to connect with working-class swing voters. So attacking the poster child for small-town values, Sarah Palin, was a bad strategy.

No, Obama didn’t engage in the mass sneering at Palin – but he did fall into the trap of disrespecting her.

Most Americans think that the media are cheerleading for Obama, so they’ll punish him for the reporters’ and editors’ sins.

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NYT for a change interrupted its making up shit about Hillary with a little truth about the Oborg

Pushing a fund-raiser later this month, a finance staff member sent a sharply worded note last week to Illinois members of its national finance committee, calling their recent efforts “extremely anemic.”

over at the Confluence, Bostonboomer gives us a taste of the blogosphere panic – not a pretty sight

To the Chicken Littles – those attention-seeking armchairmen, wanna-be campaign managers, and increasingly boring sub-group of Johnny-and-Janey-One-Notes that have begun to join the PUMAs in this year’s absurdity index – I’m hereby officially filing for divorce…

and again

Feel lonely in your panic now? Keep it up. You don’t know yet how much more lonely you could make yourselves still… as lonely as a PUMA.

Are we really so lonely? Not  judging by the last polls. I don’t feel lonely – I feel more like…a trend setter.

Randi took the mantle of swiftboaters

RHODES: Of course he (McCain) became very friendly with the Vietnamese. They called him the Prince. He was well treated actually. And he was well treated because he traded these propaganda interviews for good treatment.

On some forum turned B0bot

It’s all crumbling, guys.

Hey, this is what happens when you don’t try to win. We should be attacking CONTINUALLY. We should be being as negative as possible. Look at what has worked with the public: Palin attacked the shit out of us (though none of it was true with exception of the Energy Bill criticism) and it yielded results with the public.

From now until the day after the election, we should not say a SINGLE nice thing about the opponents.

We also need to address her attacks head-fucking-on. We need to tell the truth: they are only running against the Republicans (being a maverick) because it’s the fashionable thing to do, but their policies are going to be the same as Bush, the Democrats didn’t do anything because they don’t have a strong enough majority (or even a majority at all) in the Senate, we need to NAIL McCain on his voting records, we need to have surrogates nailing Palin about the affair and other personal shit, we need to bring up her corruption on the substance, we need to FUCKING KILL McCain on all of his ridiculous flip-flops.

Goddamnit. I’m so tired of complete fucking pussies representing us. They aren’t trying to fucking win. We are looking at the fucking apocalypse if McCain gets elected (or selected through election theft).

Sweet! I especially loved the mention of election theft from a a B0bot!

Others try to stick their fingers in their years and go la-la-la

Can we can it with the PUMA stuff?

The vast majority of Hillary supporters are backing Obama, just like Hillary is. And most of the ones who aren’t were probably swing voters to begin with, not embittered Hillary fans vowing vengeance. So can we just can it with blaming everything on PUMAs? It’s insulting. The people doing bad things to our candidates are the Republicans. Remember them? They’re the same people who thought PUMAs were a big force who would support them because of Palin, and they were wrong. If I never hear the term PUMA again, I sure won’t miss it. I have to wonder about the “party unity” of people who keep trying to reopen old wounds.

Please don’t spare me the blame now! You blamed me for being racist, low information old and in the way, please blame me for swinging the election away from you!

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yet another poll to measure the shift of momentum – tied

Sen. John McCain has wiped away many of Sen. Barack Obama‘s pre-convention advantages, and the race for the White House is now basically deadlocked at 47 percent for Obama and 46 percent for McCain among registered voters, according to a new Washington PostABC News poll. The presidential contest is also about even among those who are the most likely to vote in November: 49 percent for McCain, 47 percent for Obama.

– and to notice the importance of women in the change

Much of the shift toward McCain stems from gains among white women, voters his team hoped to sway with the pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate. White women shifted from an eight-point pre-convention edge for Obama to a 12-point McCain advantage now.

That’s a 20 points shift!

Comments ABC:

Some of McCain’s biggest gains in this ABC News/Washington Post poll are among white women, a group to which “hockey mom” Sarah Palin has notable appeal: Sixty-seven percent view her favorably and 58 percent say her selection makes them more confident in McCain’s decision-making. Among those with children, Palin does better yet. And enthusiasm for McCain among his female supporters has soared.

some numbers:

Her high 67 percent favorable rating among white women goes higher still, to 80 percent, among white women with children at home. And 71 percent of white mothers say the pick makes them more confident in McCain’s decision-making as president.

I am not a polster but I predicted the mothers’ ire

The findings about the women shift ‘s confirm Rasmussen’s

The immediate reason this makes me happy is that maybe now, some people will stop presuming speaking for me (“us, women are insulted by the pick of a woman on the ticket, we like to humbly help the man from the floor, and just adore our votes being thrown away)

How’s that 3 AM texting feeling now suckers? Can you hear us NOW?

And rock star Obama – did they make you one of these yet?


Once again CNN seems to be determined to disprove that B0 is losing the women. In this new poll they actually reverse the gender gap

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey out Tuesday indicates that 62 percent of men questioned have a favorable opinion of the Alaska governor, nine points higher than women.

Nice try – if CNN has any credibility left on anything. The purpose of the poll seems to be to find out how OK is it for Obama to attack her:

“A majority of women say yes, but it’s close; men are slightly less likely to see those questions as fair game,” said CNN polling director Keating Holland.

Overall, 50 percent of those polled say criticism of Palin is fair, with 45 percent saying it’s only because she is a woman

They even compare those numbers to Ferraro’s and conclude more people are OK with attacking her. CNN is now official an internal pollster for the Obama campaign. And not a very good one, judging from those other polls out there. But it may explain Obama making a fool of himself out there with his Don Rickles routine.

The upshot on this poll – strangely dome on VPs only is

Palin would top Biden “by a 53 to 44 percent margin, based largely on the votes of men,” Holland said.

Then they turn around and say VP’s make absolutely no difference. Go figure.

Gallup tracking

PRINCETON, NJ — John McCain’s 6 percentage-point bounce in voter support spanning the Republican National Convention is largely explained by political independents shifting to him in fairly big numbers, from 40% pre-convention to 52% post-convention in Gallup Poll Daily tracking.

unlike CNN:

Gallup Poll Daily tracking finds a uniform rise in support for McCain since late August among men and women.

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