CNN worries

Will her gender sway women to Palin?

After a healthy dose of “Nah”s from B0bots, we get some mention:

That’s not to say all Clinton supporters would be adverse to a McCain-Palin ticket. A group called PUMA, which stands for “Party Unity My A**”, were Clinton supporters — both women and men –who are threatening to vote McCain.

The McCain camp has been aggressively courting those disaffected with Obama, especially after he announced Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden as his running mate

But it is still unclear as to how many will go the way of the PUMA. Read more on the PUMA


That was actually in the article. Then more self soothing stuff – including Ferarro’s loss, but her wise words are also quoted:

“I believe that people will look back and assess how Hillary was treated by the media during the campaign primaries. And it remains to be seen whether or not the ugly head of sexism — in the media — will raise its head again,” said Ferraro

One otherΒ  patronizing article

Overzealous Clinton fan base could use rationality, focus

starts like this:

One of history’s most monumental elections could be torn to shreds by a pack of pumas.

What follows is almost irrelevant – but at least she gives us this much

The Clintonites are angry for various reasons; but the one that makes most sense is the accusation that she beat Barack Obama in the popular vote in the primary election, even though the winner is determined by the number of delegate votes.

Such as the Michigan farce and delegates with bruises on their arms on the floor of the convention? Right.

I won’t even go to the part where she presumes to tell us how to protest. Maybe just for fun – we’re no longer old:

Leave it to the disgruntled 12-year-olds sitting on the Internet in their pajamas to change the face of the election.

I suppose respect is out of the question from this bunch…

I’ll go back to the first sentence:

One of history’s most monumental elections could be torn to shreds by a pack of pumas.