here’s my Labor Day topical contribution:

Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus – The mountanins were in labor – but gave birth to a ridicuous mouse.

The Obama campaign (subreptitiously), its paid bloggers – ostensibly , their surrogate media following them – all laboured this weekend to find smears on Sara Palin – and only came with ridiculous “Pregnancygate”

PUMAs who still watch TV, over at Capital Hill reported

On The Today Show, this morning.

She (McCain spokesperson) was talking about how disgusting and vile the liberal blogs were in discussing Palin’s family, over the last 48 hrs, and she made a point of telling Vierra that many of the bloggers mentioned Obama.

They have completely discredited themselves. Anyone who takes a peek at KOS or DU out of curiosity will see that of which she spoke.

Not sure if I agree that a trap was set for them to fall in, or merely there no way to introduce your VP

“and by the way, her daughter didn’t have her period in the last 5 months”

But the new puritan left showed its mettle’

Apparently, progressives do not agree with those ideas. As evidenced by the recent behavior of the “progressive blogosphere” regarding Governor Sarah Palin, her infant son and her teenage daughter, morality will now be investigated and controlled by the Progressive Puritans of the Left

We hear now a lot of noise about ” not enough vetting”

Strangely enough, it’s not about the candidate with undisclosed Rezko, Ayers and Wright connections.