I actually did hear this astounding statement myself: in the interview with Anderson Cooper

“My understanding is that Gov. Palin’s town, Wassilla, has I think 50 employees. We’ve got 2500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe 12 million dollars a year – we have a budget of about three times that just for the month,” Obama responded.

I don’t have the time and space to count all the ways this is wrong.

Goldie at Capital Hill Forum went and checked these numbers

Governor Palin’s Executive Management:
The State of Alaska employs approximately 15,000 employees statewide. These employees work primarily for the Executive Branch of State Government.


Alaska Fiscal Year 2009
General Fund Budget Totals $4.4 Billion
Plus $1.9 Billion in Savings and Investments


In all fairness, there’s one way this is right: campaigning is the one thing Obama can claim he did.

But this statement very much reminds me of that first reaction of his campaign to the Palin anoincement.

“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency,” campaign spokesman Bill Burton said.

You know, the one he blamed on his staff?. The one Halperin thought

What’s amazing about this statement is not just that it was so stupid but that it was part of a PREPARED statement.

Just as I predicted then

And we know, that just like Bush, he eventually blurted those things himself, again, after denouncing them on the campaign trail.

Obama too does the “staffer” mistake again, comparing his perpetual campaigning experience not to Palin’s Governor job she’s been holding at the time, but the one she held before. You know, during his own state senate job in which he voted “present” 130 times.

As to Obama’s claim of executive experience from being a perpetual campaigner – I am afraid the credit for running a campaign would have to go to Axelrod!

And speaking of credit, Charles Lemos reminds me that

In the interview, Obama takes credit for the recommendations that led to reforms at FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

and the whole set up was to make Obama appear THERE and in charge

But let’s be fair: how many candidates got delegates in races they were not even on the ticket? Not even W did that! Hmmm…maybe there’s something to his claim!