Update of September 3

GOP women saying it as well (to think, if only Dean had cable, we might have heard Hillary defended by the party too)

Rudy is saying it too

It’s reported that mcCain finally said it:

One of GOP presidential candidate John McCain’s high-level surrogates lashed out against their rival campaign’s assessment their candidate had more experience than McCain’s newly-minted vice president, calling their attacks “sexist.”

From Politico

a top McCain aide expressed incredulity when asked by a reporter whether Palin could be vice-president with an infant and her 17-year-old daughter due to give birth this fall.

“Frankly, I can’t imagine that question being asked of a man,” McCain’s Steve Schmidt told reporters who mobbed him as he arrived at the convention hall. “A lot of women will find it offensive.”

And they didn’t even get to Clyburn’s trash

“Now Mondale tried to shake things up by going with Geraldine Ferraro, she proved to be a disaster as a running mate. And as a campaigner, she was absolutely awful.”

but rightfully stated

“I am appalled by the Obama campaign’s attempts to belittle Governor Sarah Palin’s experience,” Republican National Committee Victory Chair Carly Fiorina said a statement released Tuesday. “The facts are that Sarah Palin has made more executive decisions as a Mayor and Governor than Barack Obama has made in his life. Because of Hillary Clinton’s historic run for the Presidency and the treatment she received, American women are more highly tuned than ever to recognize and decry sexism in all its forms. They will not tolerate sexist treatment of Governor Palin.”

You bet!

And since some people seem shocked about such a notion, here’s a reference link I just stumbled upon.

The good news? Palin is up to the fight! her response to being warned about what’s in store:

Palin: “Thanks for the warning. By the way, do you know what they say the difference is between a hockey mom and a Pit Bull?”

McCain aide: “No, Governor.”

Palin: “A hockey mom wears lipstick.