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“not the rumors I used to know”

TIME says he is distancing from his henchmen

“I am offended by that statement. There is no evidence at all that this involves us.”

Vows to fire any staffer found to be spreading the rumor that Trig Palin is actually the son of Gov. Palin’s daughter. Posted Image

Also notes that his own mother had him when she was 18, and tells reporters to “back off” the story

uh, oh – Moulitsas, you’re in trouble!  No check for you this month! next time, don’t get gaught, OK?

Reminds me of Bush during the Plamegate investigation!

Expect Obama to bring this all up at the next rally anyway (see “Hillary gave the photo in African garb”)

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Much merriment ahead…


My prediction comes true. His surrogates continue the smear.

Dona Brazile declared the 17 years old Palin fair game

Update with a better source

Obama Denies Connection to Palin Family Rumors

Apparently his being ‘offended” came only after McCain campaign said

A John McCain staffer said earlier sites with “Barack Obama’s name on them” were among those spreading the rumor

So this was merely a defense

Our people are not involved in any way on this,” the Democratic nominee shot back.

All righty then, Donna, carry on! Teh Precious is insulated from responsibility.

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From NYTImes

Karen O’Connor, the director of the Women and Politics Institute at American University, said the convention’s constant repetition about the “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling” had left many people depressed. “If 18 million votes is not enough, what does it take in the Democratic Party to get a woman on the ticket?

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“If 18 million votes is not enough, what does it take in the Democratic Party to get a woman on the ticket?
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Update September 2

Bloomberg confirms media is on Obama’s side (not in so many words)

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LA Times blog gives us a refreshing atitude from the McCain?Palin ticket

Sarah Palin’s not on the Sunday talk shows? That’s a plus, says John McCain

and shock of shocks, the best line comes from Fred Thompson:

That’s no big deal, says onetime GOP presidential contender Fred Thompson. Asked today by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about criticisms of Palin’s minimal experience with national security and foreign policy issues, the former Tennessee senator responded:

“Well, Wolf, I hate to break this to you, but you don’t get national security experience by being on Sunday talk shows, and that’s where a lot of these fellows get theirs.”

and this is from a McCain interview

WALLACE:  Do you think she will help you with women and especially with disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters?

MCCAIN:  I think she’s going to help me with all Americans. I think that the response that we’re getting from men, women, young, old, because they want us to change America.  They want us to change it. They’re sick and tired of business as usual and inside the Beltway kind of thing.


So in all due respect to my friends that say that she has never been on some of the inside-the-Beltway activities, I say, “Thank God.”

Keep this up, John! this PUMA is listening!

And No Quarter has this Red State Update video that kept me in  stitches

Oh, and NOW, which only noticed sexism when it concerned …Michelle Obama, is now against Palin

New York Times uses second hand, anonymous sources speaking for Hillary to say

she was galled that Ms. Palin might try to capitalize on a movement that Mrs. Clinton, of New York, built among women in the primaries.

Which may not be so funny if friends such as…John (don’t cover Florida, they don’t count)Kerry wouldn’t be designated to speak for us! and then they had to face reality

But asked if the Palin pick would lead to a new political marriage between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton, a senior Clinton adviser, Ann Lewis, said: “Not a political marriage. She is not on the ticket. Senator Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate. Hillary will do what she can to help.”

Obama’s little helper! And he allows her to! I am so proud, I’ll vote…Palin!

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