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“Were you in it for me?” Hillary famously asked in her excellent speech in Denver

“Nooooo!” I yelled from my living room

I have became a supporter after months of being a defender from the hysterical CDS unleashed by the media and the DNC. I had come there from way left – having been an anti-war activist when this race started.

I voted against Hillary in the Senate primary in 2006.

The last time I felt a candidate represented me was in 2004 with Wes Clark.

This time, I felt some of my ideals were well championed by Hillary. But more strongly, she was fighting the dark forcesย  minion.

I had waited to see: will the media switch sides once Hillary was out? Was this a ploy to get the weaker opponent? So far, the answer seems to be “no”

The same people who brought us W and the war with Iraq are now pushing Obama. let’s ponder on this a bit:

Bush. War in Iraq. Obama.

The same people behind all these.

The Palin induced panic in the Obama camp sent the Oborg flying into our venues. There were of course insults. There were presumptions by those pretending to be “us” “this is insulting to “us”

There were questions: why are you doing this??? Is it spite? revenge?

So, this is my answer – and while our decisions are made individually, I know it reflects our PUMAs as well.

We will fight Obama in every way we can first and foremost because he stole this election.

Special rules, fraud at caucuses, RBC, sham roll call in Denver – more ways than Bush used to steal 2 elections. Like Bush, he was

Selected not elected

To throw our vote to a vote thief would be self destructive and legitimizing a crime.

Furthermore, his stands –ย  or rather lack of them , his brown shirt/mob methods, his supporters make him in my mind far more dangerous than anything the far right can unleash can be.

I don’t care how much he copies from the Clintons in his speeches, if that would be his agenda, the media would not build him up.

So, I am a PUMA. I am protesting this election. I don’t know where my vote will end up going, but I will do my best to make sure Obama doesn’t win. I am not a Republican – I can never be – as they stole elections too.

My long term goal is to try to make sure elections do not get stolen in the future.

By any party.

  1. puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter